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Project CARS 2: Class Restructuring & Adjustment Patch 1.0

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This is a small but essential QoL mod I've created for offline racing in pCars 2.

The car classes in pCars 2 by default are a bit game-ified, designed to artificially inflate variety in each class at the expense of realism. You'll see Ford F-150's share the track with tiny Ford Escorts, low-downforce prototypes appear at tracks outside of Le Mans, and IMSA GTP cars destroy earlier-spec prototypes from that era.

This mod provides a more authentic set of car classes that satisfies my particular brand of OCD, and probably yours too.

Installation Instructions
1. Install JSGME into your pCars 2 folder.
2. Download JDougNY's boot files for pC2, found here.
3. Extract his download into your MODS folder that JSGME created.
4. Download the Class Restructuring & Adjustment Patch
5. Extract the patch inside JDougNY's boot files folder.
6. Enable the boot files with JSGME.

Known Issues:
- The new classes don't have logos but will function fine in game.
- Probably not compatible online.


- All Lotus F1 cars are separated by exact year.
- All historic IndyCars are separated by exact year.
- Stock Car has been renamed to NASCAR because that's what it is.
- Ferrari 488 Challenge cars separated by region to ensure a more realistic grid.
- Ginetta G57 trackday car split off into it's own class
- Group C split off into two classes; one for Le-Mans config, one for high downforce.
- GT3 split off into three classes; modern GT3, 24 Hour Cars, and GT3-11, featuring the Z4, SLS AMG, and G55
- The hypercar trinity gets it's own class.
- Extreme variants of the La Ferrari, P1, and others like it are given their own "Hypercar GT" class.
- IMSA GTO consists of the 300ZX, F40LM, and Audi 90 Quattro
- IMSA GTP has been added, consisting solely of the Nissan GTP ZXT
- The 1995 Trans-Am Mustang is given it's own class.
- LMP1 2016 consists solely of the three licensed LMP1 cars from that year
- LMP1 consists solely of prototypes from 2014.
- Several appropriate cars have been added to Road B, including the Mclaren 720s, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, and Ferrari F12TDF
- The Ford F150 has been taken out of Road G and given it's own class to prevent from bullying the little 4-bangers
- Modern roadsters (BAC Mono, Honda 2&4, etc) have been given their own class because I think they are ugly and deserve a containment zone.
- The Diablo GTR has been given it's own Super Trofeo '99 class
- Track Day A and Track Day B classes have been fully eradicated
- A new "Time Attack" class has been created with the BMW 1 SW, Lancer Evo VI SVA, Skyline SMS-R, and Rocket Bunny GT-86
- Touring Cars have been split into a FWD class, and a RWD class.
- All Radicals & the Caterham SP/300.R have been split into an "Ultralight" class.
- World Sportscars 1966 includes the Porsche 908 & Lotus 40
- World Sportscars 1968 includes the Ferrari 330 P4 & Ford GT MkIV
- World Sportscars 1970 includes the Ferrari 512M & Porsche 917K
- WSC 1970-LM includes low-downforce variants, the Ferrari 512S & Porsche 917L

Latest reviews

Excellent idea and well executed! Car classes make much more sense now. Only one suggestion though: modern indycars could be separated by oval and road specs.
Thanks for making this!

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