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Rallycross Dingelshoven 1.0

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970 m, 40% gravel. Fictional but containes parts of real tracks.
Rallycross is an event with many short races. One "Heat" (qualification race with 4 cars) takes 4 laps only.
In the end the best drivers (lap times) enter the "Finals" where up to 8 cars fight it out over 6 laps.
Normally each vehicle class has got its own final.
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Why there are just five stars to rate such a great work like this? It's literally 10/10, 100/100 etc.
What I want to especially mention this time is absolutely smooth FPS performance in all of your RX tracks with great looking environment and FX set at full extent at the same time (in case of RX tracks with gravel surface special effects are especially rich). As I said before, I run rFactor 1 on my pretty old computer that I keep alive exactly for old-school things like rF1, GTR2, GTL, Race 07. Due to a bit outdated PCU, OS and GPU some of the newest mods and tracks for rF turns out to be less or more FPS heavy for my machine - which never happened in case of your tracks. I appreciate that. Thanks!
Thanks for the explanations about your rating, Aram. Considering the performance I tried to avoid too many collision objects and real shadows. Where it's possible I created "fake shadows" instead, just blending dark textures into the main textures. (e.g. into grass under a tree). . . . Thanks again and now take your helmet and get ready for the next heat!

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