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Rallycross Valkenrod Reverse 1.0

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This is the shortest course of the fictional Valkenrod area: 800 m. No time to relax. The next corner is very near.
Start grid for max. 10 cars.
Rallycross typical: 4-6 laps and 4-8 cars per race.
(Like other tracks in the past there's no joker)
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Latest reviews

Okay, now I left my tyre prints on Valkenrod in every way and direction. I wish I can left my footprints on podium after every race there. ;) My first race on Reverse version I finished first in reversed order... Last but not least?
I print my Thanks here anyway - in every way!
Thanks, Aram, for your play of words in the review. I'm glad that you like this very short course.
(To make a reverse version was more work than I expected. You must change a lot of things, even spectators in the background have to look in the new direction to keep up drivers' illusion to be watched by them ;-)

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