Rallylegends Mod - Ford Fiesta RS WRC ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec) v 3.0

Rallylegends Mod - Ford Fiesta RS WRC ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec) v 3.0 FORD FIESTA RS WRC V 3.0

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if you appreciate this big work, support the development team... consider the possibility to donate or..... offer a beer! :D

PROJECT INFO AND CARS LIST: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/rallylegends-mod-✔release-2017-update-polo-✚-ds3-✚-fiesta-wrc.19853/

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Ford Fiesta RS WRC -Version 3.0 by Rallylegends Mod ( Tarmac + Gravel Spec)
List changes/update 3.0:

- Added Damage by TTM - Abbo90 - peksis;
- Sound Update by IMrIMike;
- New shadow effect by x4fab;
- New Tarmac/Gravel Physic by Abbo90 - (V 3.0): adjustment steering - Updated tyres to v10 - Engine curves - Differentiated shifting timings and gearbox inertias - Revised some gearbox ratios following FIA limitations - Revised brake temperatures behaviour - Improved suspension geometry, springing and damping - Refined weight distributiontuning and aerodynamic model with greater sensitivity to body movement and setup - Improved automatic gearbox - Updated Help Notes in car description
- Included specific RL_Driver by peksis;
- Added Optional All Skinpack 2K ( 2048 X 2048 for Fast FPS ) - (Racedepartment Link)
LOOK HERE: - Installation: Extract the content to: SteamApps\common\ assettocorsa\content\

LINK DOWNLOAD OPTIONAL ALL TEXTURE 2K ( 2048 X 2048 ): http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rallylegends-mod-ford-fiesta-rs-wrc-2k-skin-pack.10654/

Support for AC update Ver
1.11.4 and Tyre Model V. 10 ( Tarmac + Gravel Setup)



Ford Fiesta RS WRC V 3.0 ( Tarmac + Gravel setup) - Credit and Men at Work:
Rodriguez - Antonelli - Garyson: Original 3D Model and basic template/texture...
abbo90: Physic engineer, geometry, aerodynamics, damage, tyres and behavior car and more...
peksis: Conversion 3D model in game, KS Editor, all animations, shaders, light, LCD panel and more...
IMrIMike: Sound Designer, test in game, and more...
TTM: Help graphic and maker some livery (real team) all suits, gloves and helmets, damage, and more...
x4fab: great help, tips for suspension animations, shadow and more...
nikkk78: 3d improvements, new base textures, some livery, changes and preparation of the 3D model, increased realism and quality and more...

Special Thanks:

TTM and BTBfin: for new "Känniränni stage" gravel track;
ultranew_b: for new "Pine Ridge Rally" gravel/tarmac track;
0understeer - Kristaps - Nahkamarakatti - Justup - Zuikki1 - aphidgod - regularjohn - ville.kivimaa: for advice, accurate physic, test in game;
Nahkamarakatti: for the promotional Video;
yashugan (Staff Member): for hints and tips;
Vanven - NeverKrash: for help, test in game, advice and support.


New Gravel Track "Kanniranni stage" by BTBfin and TTM: LINK DOWNLOAD: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/btbfin-kanniranni-gravel-rally-stage.9774/


New Gravel Track "Pine Ridge Rally" by ultranew_b: LINK DOWNLOAD: https://www.facebook.com/The-3d-interactive-art-of-ultranew_b-570191629810785/

Promo Video by Regular John
Promo Video by Nahkamarakatti (tester)

Promo Video by A. Viper

Comments and Feeedback are Welkome!

recommended audio settings................................................................................................!!


if you appreciate this big work, support the development team... consider the possibility to donate or..... offer a beer! :D




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Latest reviews

Nice job !
"car's parent is missing" warning in CM...is this normal?
Should I let CM fix it?
great job, but the gravel spec's headlights aren't working
This is an amazing mod, the car gives me eargasm, the tarmac setup is perfect. I enjoy driving it.
Great mod
Good job!
bro a supercool car respect
Is a great looking car and has a very good feel to it. Really enjoy driving it :)
Very nice mod indeed. Just a quick question. All car glasses seem to be very dark. Can i somehow remove them?
Good stuff man
Not sure how accurate the physics are, and the interior textures are a bit low-res (LOL those door handles), but wow, is it fun to throw around. ^_^ The co-driver is a great touch.
Good work!!
no sounds on 3rd person(
The mod itself is already very good, but when I drive the car I have no sound whether acceleration sound, brake sound or the popping when shifting. Could you please create a sound fix for the cars and upload it here at RaceDepartment?
I am sure it is a great car pack but i dont understand how to install it even though i read how to install it
where can I download the template ??? thanks for mods!
Amazing Mod Very nice handling and the audio and graphics are very detailed! Well done!
Good mod, but why can you only shift with paddles and not with the H shifter? Can you somehow chance that?

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