RallyRACC Catalunya - Coll de la Teixeta (Shakedown 2022)

RallyRACC Catalunya - Coll de la Teixeta (Shakedown 2022) 2.1

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A stage from the RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada. 4.4km, 35 corners

This particular section has been used 11 times in the last 14 years. Most of the times as part of the Riudecanyes stage (with a donut around the roundabout), but in 2011 as PowerStage (with the roundabout as hairpin). In the 2022 edition of RALLYRACC RALLY DE ESPAÑA, this exact stage was used as shakedown. Ogier set the scratch time of 2:40.1. Below is a video comparison (older version).

RallyRACC describes the section from the 2022 edition as follows: "One of the most crowded stages of the event, identical to how it was celebrated in 2017 and 2018. The first part is well known due to its characteristic roundabouts on the N-420 road. The mountain acts as a natural grandstand offering a great area to watch the cars negotiating the first roundabout, around which the participants will have to make a complete lap (doughnut style). "

WRC commentator Julian Porter described the stage as: "like New-Zealand, but on tarmac, and wider..."

Find all the statistics of the stage on rally-maps.com!
The stage is run twice per event, at the end of October. The first run is usually at sunrise, around 08:00. The second run is at noon. Conditions are usually clear or overcast, but the 2011 powerstage had crews facing wet to damp conditions.

Onboard of full Riudecanyes stage, this Coll de la Teixeta layout runs up to the 2:55 minute mark.

The stage is created specifically for Assetto Corsa, with modern modelling standards. It will work with and without Shader Patch and Content Manager, but it is made to be used with Shader Patch/Sol/Content Manager.

- Lidar data from spanish government, very precise cambers and elevations​
- Referenced from photographs, onboards and TV footage from WRC live and Google StreetView​
- Detailed Physical road surface​
- 2 layouts​
- LODs​
- Replay Cameras​
- Track Map​
- Shader patch features (grassFX, rainFX, animated wind turbines, night lighting)​
- Including prepared pacenotes for Patrick Brunners Co-driver app, based on real pacenotes of Kris Meeke and Paul Nagle. Usable with SRD's voice pack.​

There are 20 pits, although the roundabout will give problems with AI. The two layouts have a "time control" section to warm up your tires.

It is five years ago that I started working on Spanish rally stages. I hope you enjoy my hard work. If you are making new track cameras, new AI or better shader patch configs, please share them with me! I'd love to incorporate it into the track. If you encounter any bugs/issues, please report them in the thread!




The full 16 km Riudecanyes/Duesaigües stage is now also finished, and can be found on my Patreon page.

Latest updates

  1. Some Shader Fixes

    Some issues with shaders and CSP compatibility should be fixed now. - Weird tree edges and...
  2. Integration with full Riudecanyes Stage

    This Coll de la Teixeta stage is now fully integrated into the full Riudecanyes stage. The...
  3. 1.1 new ads

    - reworked all the ads, now consistent with 2019 edition marketing - graphical improvements -...

Latest reviews

Commenting for RallyDeEspana Riudecanyes 2.1 Full: Awesome! Thank you :)
update was streamline
Spectacular stage.

Probabily, in Top 7 of tarmac stages AC worldwide

Tried the update but i've seen weird reflections in vr at start in the yellow tarpaulin at the edge of the track, ty anyway
This will be fixed in an upcoming update!
looks great on my ancient setup
Good to hear older systems can handle it!
Top notch rally stage. You nailed it!
Thanks. Full stage is a roller coaster, very fun to drive.
Thank you!
Absolutly stuning stuff !!! AWESOME.
Congratz and THX for sharing.
Just one thing, RainFX seems doesn't work...
Does RainFX work on other tracks for you? Do you have another file for the track in '\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded' maybe? It definitely works on my setup.
Incredibly well done. Absolute blast to drive, and not just for rally cars! Small agile street cars like the Elise / Exige and the MX-5 work really well here.

Your effort on getting the road surface camber right is seriously impressive and really adds another dimension to driving strategy.

Thank you for creating this. Amazing work.
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
10/10, pero sería todavía más top el vincular el final con el principio otra vez, haciendo toda la bajada por la N-420 y entrando de nuevo por el entradero al tramo, lo considerarías para una futura actualización?
One of the hidden gems of AC. Download now and have a blast in any road or rally car.
One of the best maps.
This is an amazing track, road cuts used in turn but watch out if you cut too deep! I hope you can continue to update this track
Really nice stage, never seen the moving wind turbines before!!! The scenery over the valley looks great as well. Not sure about the enforced slowing down at the end.... took me by surprise ha. Anyway, keep the rally tracks coming and I will too!
muy buenos tramos
No te doy más estrellas por que no se puede, no hay cosa más sublime y más increíble que la recreación de este tramo. Como decimos aqui en mi tierra, te la has sacado literalmente.... Enhorabuena y sobe todo un millón de gracias por ofrecernos tu trabajo y dedicación
Great Job!!! I'd say the quality of the track is awesome!! Every litle detail is very close to reality.
The only thing that concerned me was the length of the track. It just finishes when the "fulll" awesomeness of the descent starts.
Please make more like this one!
mi mas sincera enhorabuena!
Absolutely sensational to drive!!! Driving older cars really feels like the real thing!
super tracé !!! Merci

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