1. arrows29

    Skin Fiat X1/9 Ing. Gabat Tuning 1

    two more skins for the fiat x1/9
  2. willi95

    Course de Côte d’Embrun Les Orres V1.1

    Dear Assetto's racer, Here the next track that I'm gonna released. It's an old Hillclimb race from a mountain village Les Orres, which is called Course de côte d'Embrun Les Orres. This race is no longer disputed since a long time ago and I don't find a lot of information about it but when...
  3. Course de côte d’Embrun Les Orres - Assetto corsa mod - V0.9

    Course de côte d’Embrun Les Orres - Assetto corsa mod - V0.9

    Dear Assetto's racer,Here the next track that I'm gonna released (an other mod outside the Alsace).It's an old Hillclimb race from a mountain village Les Orr...
  4. willi95

    Col de mon Repos 1.0

    Dear Assetto's racer, This mod is Le Col de Mon Repos, a road locates in the Vosges. It connects Autrey to La Bourgonce, through a 7.3km lenght forest road. The profile of this road is closer to an hillclimb track than a rally track. It's a good mix between a technical, slow track and a...
  5. beta_racing

    Assetto Corsa Pacenotes MEGAPACK (over 650 pacenotes files!) 1.2

    Hi guys, I'm presenting you my Assetto Corsa Pacenotes MEGAPACK which consists of over 650 pacenotes files of more than 550 rally stages, hillclimbs and/or touges in all of their possible variants (uphill, downhill, normal and reverse directions, different variations [like differences in...
  6. J

    MONT VENTOUX Hillclimb 1.0

    Do we really need to present the MONT-VENTOUX hill climb? It was contested on the road linking the village of Bédoin to the summit of MONT-VENTOUX from 1902 to 1976 over a 21.5km course going from 296m altitude to 1908m! Then from 1988 to 2007 on a reduced route going from the hamlet “Les...
  7. Rob Pawn

    Trento Bondone Extended Pits incl. Downhill 1.4

    Trento Bondone EP Pits extended up to 16 slots unlocked Downhill Layouts added Rally Crowd (Spectators) included the Winter Skin from Sanchez30 For direct Download Link, Feedback and other Content pls visit ACH Discord ! * For the full Winter Experience, make sure to select Winter Layout...
  8. willi95

    Col du Haut-Koenigsbourg 1.0

    Dear Assetto's racer, Here's my 2nd mod on which I've work at the same time as the col de Fouchy, my first mod. This road is the Col du Haut-Koenigsbourg, it start in Kientzheim and end at the entrance of Saint-Hippolyte. There a mix of technical section in the Saint-Hyppolite side and fast...
  9. L

    Rechbergrennen 2023 1.01

    Hello Racefans :) Please read the following thoroughly. MANUAL install the baby instructions: Unzip downloaded file with 7-zip, then place "RP_Rechberg_2023" in your track folder (example: C:\Steam_Games\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks). Make sure all subfolders were copied as...
  10. mclver

    Col de Fouchy - Camtool replay 1.0

    Col de Fouchy is a wonderful track with nice potential created by @willi95 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/col-de-fouchy.62528/ As usual, copy the camtool file in \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data\ Video example driven by me :) Have fun.
  11. willi95

    Col de Fouchy 1.1

    Dear Assetto's racer, I'm glad to offer you my first mod, that I keep for my personnal use since too many times. This track is the col de Fouchy in France, more precisely in Alsace. This road connects Rombach-le-Franc to Fouchy, by a narrow and technical moutain road. For this mod I've tried...
  12. duck2205

    Goodwood Festival of Speed Timer 1.0

    Hello Goodwood lovers Today I bring you my recreation of a Goodwood FOS hillclimb timer, seen in the very famous (700 views :cry:) YouTube video, This mod is specifically made for the 2017 Goodwood hillclimb track. The timer has a working car identifier (super fancy) which uses the car's...
  13. RaceRoom Competition Winning Run - RaceRoom Hillclimb Full Run - 134 Judd - Denis Gicquel - 4.21:311

    RaceRoom Competition Winning Run - RaceRoom Hillclimb Full Run - 134 Judd - Denis Gicquel - 4.21:311

    Here is my victorious run in the june 2023 "Hillclimb Icons @ RaceRoom Hillclimb Full Run" official RaceRoom hotlap competition. This hillclimb is really har...
  14. THE Giulliano Larin

    Pico Veleta - Camtool replay by GiuNiral 2023-06-17

    2 sets of cameras, 1 for each version of Pico Veleta.
  15. B

    ISAT Hill Climb Racing Devmobile 2.0

    This mod is a representation of a student project from the french automotive engineering school Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des Transports. The student project, ISAT Hill Climb Racing, aims to build a hybrid hill climb racing car which would fit in the upcoming FIA CM Hybrid...
  16. Doune Classic Hillclimb Highlights - May 2023

    Doune Classic Hillclimb Highlights - May 2023

    Highlights from the Saturday session of May's Doune Hillclimb.
  17. J

    Tracks Searching for someone who can remake a hillclimb track

    Hi everyone ! I've downloaded a hillclimb track who was created a lot of years ago. Meanwhile, this track is not perfect and im searching for someone who can remake this. The track is called Abreschviller, it's located in France. The original lenght is 2.100 km and my track makes 1.700 km...
  18. THE Giulliano Larin

    Batang Kali Hillclimb - Camtool replay by GiuNiral 2023-04-09

  19. enanobo

    Cerro Bravo 0.1

    Welcome to Cerro Bravo, an 8 km public mountain pass, located in LatAm Colombia, part of the famous Alto de Letras. Cerro Bravo, starting in Delgaditas is a very technical and tricky road, which will scare the brave and punish the careless, but if you decide to learn it, it is a really fun and...
  20. R

    Course de côte de Massongex V1.1

    Here is my First Track for Assetto Corsa. Update Version 1.1 Course de côte de Massongex, the Hillclimb race with a difference. The route safety on the partly very bumpy road is limited to a minimum...

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