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Real F1 2014 1.02

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Hi everyone I had created mod based on Real life 2014
All Practice and Qualify Pit lane speed is set to 60 K.P.H
Select Tracks Got Pit lane Speed is set to 60 K.P.H I listed Below
Australia, Monaco, Silverstone, Hungary, Singapore and Sochi
street tracks & race tracks that very short pit-lane.
All other Tracks are set to 80 K.P.H For Pit lane speed Limit in Race.
100 Litres of Fuel inside the Fuel Tank For All Cars and also Lighter and Fastest due that change I made plus really manger your fuel usages during Full Race.
The Pit-stops times are more towards real-time stops in F1 world E.g Singapore it around about 29 sec. for a stop for Real and get same treatment in Game Now.

You Have 100% chance of Safety car coming out demerit what damager mod you got on.

Also include last three rounds actual tyre Compound that Pirelli Normanton these race weekend
that mod will not affect career mode. But make it better for you.
1. Open Steam
2. Go to Your Library
3. Right chick the hit Properties
4. Hit the tab saying Local Files and click Browse Local Files.
5. Open the folder name Database there you find Codemasters's database.bin File copy that place safe place in My Documents
6. Open My F1 2014 folder copy mine database.bin file and paste where you found Codemasters's database.bin
Enjoy the mod guys and girls of f1
that mod update through out the season
people After same enjoy of my mod for Lesley Buurlage F1 2015
link to this one

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    This update of Real F1 2014 is rights engine for Williams and Marussia. teams menu is the right...
  2. Real F1 2014

    this update real car power and redline rpm 750 engine power and revs range is now at 150000 RPM...

Latest reviews

thanks! does the sc come without any damage mod too?
IS IT COMPACTABLE WITH *Lesley Buurlage F1 2015 - Database Mod 1.00*...
IF NOT can you make it compactable with it
Real Lesley Buurlage F1 2015 - Database Mod
ignore the Real part ok but just like this one
Great job! btw Which camera mod are you using?
thank you. the cam. mod think is so Real cams mod
great job ,,, is it compactable with database mod 0.9
Thank You
Great mod. Where did you find the value to edit SC chance and pit speed?
Thank You mate but sorry the that can't tell how I did it

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