Realistic DRS

Realistic DRS 1.15

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Changed the game's original 60° DRS opening angle and the fact that it took a whole year to open the DRS to a more realistic 90° opening angle and fast opening speed. xml file is provided for use with the skin mod, or you can just use the copy and paste version.
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.15 Sports Update (include F2 2022 & F2 2023)

    If you want a previous version of the vehicle model you can download the previous version of the...
  2. Small fix

    Added a slightly buggy version of Ferrari
  3. Update 1.12

    Update 1.12

Latest reviews

Great work friend, you could do this for this new 1.12 update with the updated files for this new path, your DRS is very realistic.
Amazing, adds alot of immersion
for some reason its not working fo my team in career mode
wherli hansnea
wherli hansnea
Updated version, should fix the problem
Probably the BEST Quality of Life Improvement Mod to ever exist! Very very WELL done and I really hope for updates when the game itself gets updated <3 So it stays compatible

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wherli hansnea
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