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Rebalanced Cars Performance 3.2

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Hi guys this is my first mod :), to install it, choose one of the four versions by opening the folder you want (description of versions is inside the ReadMe or down this page) and copy the folders inside in your main folder of F1 2014, remember to backup all files or you won't be able to play online, plus you will need a new profile AND a new career to make things work (simply restart the career will not work), if you are updating from 2.0 to 2.X then you don't need to restart anything, just download, extract and play ;), if you are updating from 2.X to 3.X most of the changes will work, but some needs new profile, but if you don't want to restart the career, you can update without any problem :thumbsup:, for the "last races update" and "alternative" versions a new profile is required.

Update 2.0
Hi guys, i'm back with another update.
In this update i fixed the performance of Williams (they were a little too fast), and changed other things in team balance so now the tiers should be like this:

Tier 1: Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari (didn't touch them) and Williams
Tier 2: McLaren, Force india (now they are almost equal, the McLaren is slighty faster)
Tier 3: Toro Rosso, (more like 2.5 as it's noticeable better than other Tier 3) Lotus and Sauber
Tier 4: Marussia and Caterham

Keep in mind that these are tiers when you driving the car, but drivers performance will be different, for example generally Bottas is faster than Massa just like Ricciardo and Vettel, plus i have reduced the difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 to make races more fun and different one from another.

Update 3.0
I have reduced the speed of Ferrari on straight (was the fastest car, good work Codies :D) and increased the speed of Williams (now is the fastest down the straight, as it should be), plus i have changed some things, for the complete changelog, read the ReadMe file inside the mod ;), remember that this mod is accurate for the entire season, (probably Massa will be slower than the last races)

From update 3.1 this mod have four versions, Normal (my edited database), Shorter Races (same as normal, but with 20 laps on 100%, so 10 on 50% and 5 in 25%), Alternative (Williams and Ferrari fast like Mercedes, and Massa, Alonso, Raikkonen & Bottas strong enough to fight with Hamilton and Rosberg, requested by xBarski), and Last Races Update (performance adjusted to last races of championship) choose the one you prefer and copy the files inside ;)

Here there are some screenshot after Canada and at the end of the season (simulated, i skipped every session)F1_2014 2014-10-29 21-01-31-60.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-29 21-01-34-52.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-29 21-29-32-08.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-29 21-29-40-18.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-29 21-29-49-36.jpg
Currently i'm doing a real season, the results are more realistic because the Toro Rosso often reach the points and sometimes even the Lotus (with Grosjean, Maldonado is still at 0), i'm very happy with team and drivers balance, so there will be only minor improvements, waiting for the 2015 season :thumbsup:

Thanks to Martin Larsen for helped me.

If you like please leave a feedback, and if you don't like leave a feedback anyway so i can improve myself :thumbsup:

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Latest reviews

it's normal to start every race in career whit -1 laps of fuel?

At the end of the race ai have every time fast engine map and i have a slow map
Yes, i didn't touch anything related to fuel. This year the fuel was limited to 100 kg so i think is right to start with -1. But like ever Codemasters, change things for player but not for AI, making all unbalanced (like tyre wear, AI have the same pace from first to last lap)
Nice work,thx!:)))
Thank you! Have fun ;)
only 20 laps in 100%?
Only in the shorter races folder, if you select the standard one you will have normal race lenght
amazing....but you can also create a version with only 5 laps 25%? :-)
In the shorter races folder there is the version with 5 laps in 25% ;)
Fantastic mod, simple and only fixes the minimum. Great work and thanks.
Thank you! :)
"in this update i fixed the Q1 performance of Tier 2 (every race 2 of mclaren or force india gets eliminated in Q1)" ... hello my friend, in first two races of new career season (i created also new profile) gets eliminated mclaren and also force india.. i installed your lastest mod update.. it could be only coincidence? :) ... also thank you for your mod it is great 5 stars!
First, thanks for the review, and for your problem i think it's because they use Prime tyres in Q1 (Codemasters made them so) but sometimes they can't fight with tiers 3 with Option tyres, anyway don't worry it just happen sometimes ;)
super fun to play now is like real life.For real
Thank you :D, it was my objective
Very good
Thanks! :D
Excellent work, very stable, competitive and balanced, congratulations.
Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it!
Happy you like it! thanks for the review!

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