Rechbergrennen 1.2

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Hello Racefans - UPDATE TIME! :)

Please read the following thoroughly.

*Install & Info*

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/// Update 1.2 - final ///
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Have fun and stay healthy :thumbsup:


FIA Rechberg (AUT) v 1.0

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the alpine region is the traditional route for the Rechberg race. It is the only mountain race in Austria, which counts to the mountain European championship and the enormous starter field is therefore a corresponding public magnet.

From the start in Tulwitz it goes over bends and hairpins, but also on straight parts that allow more than 200 km / h, to the finish on the summit of the Rechberg, near the GH Brandlhof.

Since 1988, the distance according to the rules of the International Federation 5050 m and therefore meets all the requirements for the European Championship. The average slope is 5.3%. The course record is 1:50:876 min. And is held by the Italian Christian Merli on Rosella FA30 since 2019.

Video from Version 1.0

Hard facts about the project:

Install the baby:
  • Download the file
  • Unpack/Unzip to the assettocorsa\ folder
  • Drive with your favorite car and have fun
Use "Content Manager" and "Grass FX" active for CSP Grass. Alternativ i have made a lot of 3D grass.

Download CM, & SOL 2.0 APP
Content Manager (CM)
Sol is a weatherFX implementation


I spent more then 100 hours create this track. I do this, because i love 3D, E-racing, drawing & painting. I know so much other modders have the same passion. So, you should give respect to all modders on this small planet.

Thanks, have fun, stay healthy and keep racing.

  • If you like the track, please give me :thumbsup: :) :cool:
  • If you dont like the track (silent is golden) :whistling:

Track info & race team (real world):
Pics from v 1.0

Its a free project, but any support would be greatly appreciated :)

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Latest updates

  1. FIA Rechbergrennen Final Version

    Hello Racefans! :) Please read the following thoroughly. *Install & Info* First, please...

Latest reviews

cant get it to start, it wont open the track, not even with content manager
Hi, nice race course! my personal video setting shows maybe darkest or oversatured colors, is just me? and please, can you use lowercase in the folder´s name and in the track sounds? this could help to record easier the times. Thank you!!
Great update!Needs a little refinement on colors and grass.The road surface and traction may need a little tweaking.Also a working map would be great!Thanks!
Absolutely stunning. Well done. ... Gratulation zur schoensten Hillclimb Strecke in AC Dieter ;-)
Love this track and layout. Is there any way you can bring back the road tex of the previous version? That was much, much better I think. Thanks again.
A few days ago I thought how cool it would be if there was a mod which recreates the Rechberg Hillclimb track and today i found this. I love this track, it brings back nice childhood memories when my family and I would go there like every year and driving it in real live is also pure joy.

Also i really like the detail you put into this map like the bus schedule and street names.

Thank you man
Good start point, but you need to improve the quality of the asphal texture, remove the fake 3D grass and implement better grass texture in order to works fine with CSP. If you can improve the whole textures, the final result with proper ext_config setup well will be more than perfect ;)

If you need help with ext_config just ask, but before you need to improve the textures ;)
Very Good Hill Climb Track
Finally some mountain road, interesting piece thank you. Do the actual track have such big up down and banks though? It's a little too extreme that feels a little odd but interesting regardless. Road texture needs more work.
Great job, thank you!
So glad to see somebody working hard on hillclimb tracks, great!
Really great idea and execution of this fantasy track!
track layout is very close to the real world. thank you for your work.
Thank you!

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