Red Bull Ring Complete Track Texture Update

Red Bull Ring Complete Track Texture Update v1.53

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Hi Guys

Here is my track texture update for the Kunos Red Bull Ring. The goal was to get everything to look as natural as possible. I've used a You Tube video to try and match all the textures that were updated.

There's two skin packs to select from, one is the Kunos reworked version (Kunos_Red_Bull_Ring) and the other is the F1 version (CF1_Red_Bull_Ring), now you have the best of both. :)

Just select skins in Content Manager.

All Update details:

- Race day logos added (all high res.)
- Repaired all truck skins, also added new wheels
- New Pirelli truck
- Mercedes and Volvo truck skins added
- New Ambulance texture (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz)
- New TV Van (Sky Sports)
- Reworked Red Bull Arch
- New container texture added
- Reworked main Pit building texture
- New Petrol Garage textures
- DHL, Pirelli, Sky Sports and Red Bull truck skins added
- New truck skins and rear cargo doors
- Steiermark flags added
- Red Bull Ring AC Crew texture added
- Optional 1st weekend race banners included
- Tree alpha set properly (thanks to @Peter Boese)
- F1 banners added, 1st race weekend (all high res, properly positioned)
- Kunos default reworked texture skin pack added
- Added a few more logos (Rolex &
- Top 10 drivers photos added to grand stand
- Realistic podium texture
- New blue and white walls
- Adjusted green and red run offs
- Aramco wall banners added (between 1st & 2nd corner)
- Orange tire wall added
- Reworked green rumble strips again
- Adjusted yellow bumps
- Added ext_config file
- New tarmac textures
- Reworked all rumble strips (natural colors)
- Reworked and matched all green run offs and rumble strips
- Reworked all grass textures
- Reworked grass edges
- Reworked all trees
- Reworked tree line
- Reworked all bushes and 3d grass textures
- Reworked all landscape textures
- Reworked back ground scenery

- Reworked red and white tarmac
- Reworked track side buildings
- Reworked all drainage strips
- Reworked safety rails
- Reworked blue and white walls
- Reworked sand and gravel textures



PPFilter used for this track:

P.S. If you don't how to install these textures, please use the ask a question tab above and I would be more than happy to assist :)

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Latest reviews

Thank you...the grass looks much better.
Literally wont work
Works fine here, loads every time

Next time use the discussion section if you don't know how to install properly
I can't install this mod since content manager
I'm a new player and don't know where the files are installed.
Finally got the chance to check out this texture update, great job on that one!
When he does a skin, it's simply the best.
Great accurated work! Thanks!
Awesome. Thanks for your work.
Fantastic great work here dont stop, which track is next
Not sure yet, have to feel the track. Red Bull Ring was actually a coincidence that there was F1.

I always felt that this track could use a update and was definitely worth the effort.

Thanks for the review!
This is what I call fan service. Wonderful.
You have always supported my work, that's the least I could do :)

Thanks for the review and constructive feedback, always a pleasure to help!
As a visitor of the Austrian GP last week I am astonished how realistic your skin is. It is the same feeling as beeing again at the track. Perfect. Thank you.
That's amazing, very much appreciated and thanks for the review!
Wonderful! Thank you for all this fine work
Always a pleasure and appreciate the review!
Thank you!
Thanks for the review!
Another great update, superb. Thank you.
Top Class man, perhaps the best skin for a track ive seen so far
WOW, thank you!!!
Brilliant, again its all the little touches that make a fantastic track. Thank you once again for your efforts
It all adds up :)

Thanks for the review!
Great filter! Thanks! :) THE END
Awesome and thanks for the review!
I don't review mods often. But I must say, this mod for me is an absolute 10/10. The realism that the track got blew me away, and because of this I drive this track more than ever. Absolutely love it, amazing work done!
Wow, thank you very much for the comments and really appreciate the review!

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