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Reloaded BTCC 1997 1.0

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This is the reloaded btcc 1997 skinpack for Race 07.The skins have been made by Alexander Hederby and Simon Gardner.These skins are from the Supertouring 4.0 mod for gtr2.A few clarifications.The talent files come from the original 97 season of the super touring 3.6 and so does the menu button.These will be changed in the next update.

Credit goes to:
Alexander Hederby and Simon Gardner for their skins
Me for converting them
AndreasFSC for his supertouring mod,his original talent files and menu button

Just extract the files using WinRAR or 7zip
Place the GameData and UiData folders in the Race07 main directory

Have fun and remember feedback is important;)
Race_Steam 2015-06-02 20-20-33-74.jpg
Race_Steam 2015-06-02 20-21-02-87.jpg
Race_Steam 2015-06-02 20-32-15-39.jpg
Race_Steam 2015-06-02 20-33-44-02.jpg

Latest updates

  1. File Name fix

    I have changed the name of the file as the original was too long.I hope this solves the problem:)

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