Renault Clio RS Cup V

Renault Clio RS Cup V 1.2.1

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Advanced Simulation and Trained Monkey Modding presents Renault Clio RS Cup V!

This mod contains a latest gen Renault Clio RS Cup V touring car well known by already released version for rFactor 2 made by Advanced Simulation Modding Group.

There's only a few fictional liveries present, we will upload the new version with Clio Cup Europe 2023 liveries set soon.

Here you can get the original rFactor 2 version:
Steam Workshop

  • Please dont install the mod with CM, use manual installation – extract the archive to Assetto Corsa root directory!
  • This mod fully compatible with vanilla AC but for better experience we reccomending to use it together with Custom Shaders Patch (version 0.1.79 and above)


Big thanks to Fuzo from Trained Monkey Modding to convert our car to AC and prepare this release!

Main people involved in this mod:
  • Main 3D: jdaniel_92, Nick9320
  • AC conversion: Fuzo (TM-Modding)
  • Animations: Fuzo (TM-Modding)
  • Sounds: Fabricio (Corsamode)
  • Physics: Fuzo (TM-Modding)
  • Materials: Fuzo (TM-Modding)
  • Textures: jdaniel_92, Nick9320, Fuzo (TM-Modding)
  • Liveries: LeeviDesign, Fuzo (TM-Modding), jdaniel_92, Nick9320
  • Screenshots: Olik, Jirka "Randamu" Valik
Do not modify, convert, reupload to other websites or use any part of the physics, 3D mesh, textures or sounds without our permission!

Our official resources:



Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2.1

    v.1.2.1 hotfix Fixed distortion of rear bumper Renault logo on all liveries Fixed metalic...
  2. Update 1.2

    Changelog v.1.2: Delete the old version before unpacking the new one! fixed car behaviour on...
  3. Update 1.1

    Changelog v.1.1: Added new skins from real Clio Cup Europe series Added some new features to...

Latest reviews

Such a fine tuned mod, endless fun. Thank you!
Great car
Great car, thanks
Awesome car and I *love* the better tire/squeak sounds. We're going to a season with these at LegaCorsa, will be fun!
Many thanks. It's amazing. I'll send you a couple of coffees via paypal :)
excellent mod. Fells natural and is very nice to drive. Great job!
Heaps of fun to drive. Thank you :)
A magnificent mod, thank you
Version 1.2 is more difficult to drive. It's fun.
Thanks very nice very good
Awesome, awesome car!
Masterclass in physics, model and graphics, audio.

I only have one grudge, the lods were made with that crappy program that does them automatically. It would be so much better to have even just 1 lod but handmade.
Racing this against a 20+ field of cars puts a smile on my face - that's what sim racing should be about. Great job!
Fantastic job!!
Brilliant mod, probably one of my favourites.
Simply amazing! Loose rear under braking, spot on sound and visuals. The best Clio Cup car in simracing to date!
Excellent car, one of the best touring cars in AC to date!
Awesome job, mate!!!

Latest News

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322.4 MB
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 30 ratings

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