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Reworked near follow camera + 999 rewinds 1.2

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This mod changes the near follow camera.
The camera is closer to the bike, and I added dynamic FOV: the more you get speed, the more the FOV opens, giving more sense of speed.
At first it could be difficult to play, expecially with GP class bikes, and you may not like it.

Discussion thread here.

Extract DATA.MIX in your main motogp15 folder.
Always make backup.

This will overwrite and make inactive any other mod that uses DATA.MIX

1.2 Update:
Replaced the internal cam (the fifth one) with a super cinematic view. This is just for entertainment purpose, because it is almost impossible to play with. Getting a good race with this cam would require A LOT of training. Unfortunately this view does not have modifiers, so the FOV and position are fixed and do not change with speed. But the track leaning with turns is so cool :)

This includes the 999 rewinds mod. If you do not see 999 rewinds, please try to change rewinds counts in driving assist menu two or three times. You will always see just "0". Then in game you will have 999 rewinds.
If you just want the 999 rewinds, and original cameras, just download the single 999 rewind mod here.


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Latest updates

  1. Replaced the internal cam with a super cinematic view.

    Replaced the internal cam (the fifth one) with a super cinematic view. This is just for...
  2. Even more cinematic.

    New version, more cinematic.

Latest reviews

Great mod! Here is a short video to showcase how it looks in game.
First I would like to said I really like a lot the version 1.1 and I going to try this 1.2, Not often I download stuff without a preview first ,But since a cam I would like to try ,like i do before, If you have pland to update in thr future ,would be very nice see a Screenshot first, just a small suggestion, I going to try this new one !!!! Thanks
Alberto Zanot
Thanks XtraLarge. This 1.2 have just a modified "fifth" cam. I understand you when talking about previews, but it is not easy to make a preview for a cam; it should be a video, and I am always run out of time, sorry. PS: let me know what you think about the fifth cam :-D
Thanks you

note the change in the increase zoom or fov in the game and the feeling of speed is greater but not shown 999 rewinds

Alberto Zanot
This sounds odd.
I double checked and the approriate file is there, containing "rewinds 999".

Go in options - video, turn on rewind indicator.
Go in race options and change rewinds count two or three times. You will always see just "0".
Start a new OFFLINE single race.
Please report.
thanks for the mod,can i increase o decrease fov in game ?
Alberto Zanot
Thanks for rating!
Unfortunately you cant in-game. It is a value put in some internal files.

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