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Grand Prix Karting Suzuka
After all the GPK tracks I have done so far I finally have come to the greatest F1 track of them all; Suzuka. A classic old school track, not easy to drive but with great flowing bends. This rFactor GPK version has 4 layouts:
  • Suzuka GP
  • Suzuka East
  • Suzuka West
  • Suzuka Moto GP
(The Japanese Moto GP was at Suzuka through 2003. Since 2004, it has been at Twin Ring Motegi.)

Nothing more to say, just go trying for yourself.

Grand Prix Karting
Grand Prix Karting tracks are F1 tracks with the layout of the original F1 track but the size, look and feel of real world karttracks. No big runoff areas, but modern wide kerbs, pit not on the infield but on the outside of the track, and a pitbuilding which is also a grandstand. These tracks are not a resized conversion of existing tracks but scratch build. Not laser scanned (because they are fiction) but handmade, which was a bit of a challenge with some tracks with a lot of elevation in the track and the terrain surrounding the track.

The rFactor GPK tracks are dedicated for karting and the Assetto Corsa GPK tracks are dedicated for Formula Student .
Assetto Corsa GPK Suzuka:

rF GPK Suzuka 01.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 02.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 03.JPG

rF GPK Suzuka 04.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 05.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 06.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 07.JPG
rF GPK Suzuka 08.JPG

Latest reviews

GPK Suzuka is definitely something I've been waiting for - thanks! I'm so glad about this release that I give it five star rating in dark (frankly, I didn't even unpack that archive yet). Knowing your works so far I know that I'm not taking too much of risk by that. If I won't change this rating in the next hour it means I stand for each of those 5 stars after checking all 4 layouts in racing practice.

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