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rfactortools 0.3.1

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rFactorTools is a collections of Python scripts for manipulating and converting rFactor related files. The main purpose of these tools is the automatic conversion of rFactor mods over to GameStockCar2013. Conversion is fully automatic for most mods. In cases of problems, the file `FAQ.txt` provides solutions for common issues.

Source code for rfactortools can be found at:
  • conversion of track and vehicle mods from rFactor to GSC2013
  • automatic thumbnail generation for tracks
  • automatic resizing of track thumbnails and vehicle images
  • automatic repacking and encryption of .mas files
  • automatic fixing of the SearchPath in .gen and .scn files
  • vehicle and track category manipulation
  • vehicle class and track filter manipulation
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Latest updates

  1. rfactortools 0.3.1

    fixed padding in status messages automatically include missing textures with track...
  2. rfactortools 0.3.0

    removed command line terminal and added progress reporting into the GUI fixed issue with...
  3. rfactortools 0.2.2

    0.2.2 fixes a few bugs that slipped into 0.2.1 and could prevent successful mod conversion...

Latest reviews

Fantastic, easy to use! Doesn't work for all Mods, but many
What a GARBAGE app. Good luck NOT getting mas file errors (due to this stupid app not carrying over ANY mas files). Pretty much as good as just dumping your rF1 tracks in the GameData directory.
Very helpfull
Can't make this work. It gives me a message "Python33.Dll" cannot be found", can anyone help me with this issue?
I could use this on AMS
how in the world can make this work i dont hace f.... idea
RF1 to AMS perfectly and quickly!!!
Thank You!!
Bologna historique How to convert a circuit from
works great with converting tracks from srw to sce, or in my case automobilista. but cars converted from Simraceway dont work at all. while every mod until now that is ment for sce work out of the gate. i hope somenone can help me.
A great really simple work to use the best tool there is without doubt, I wonder if There is something like this for automovilista?
I was dumbfounded at how easy this is to use and how well it works. Convert All The Things!
An amazing helpful tool
Best tool ever! Thank you very much for not let so many mods and tracks made for rFactor be forgotten!!!
Works perfectly.
Converted rF material to GSC2012, it worked very well.
Just converted a laser scanned Oran Park Raceway, and it worked perfectly!
it's perfect! if someone upgrade this program to convert GSC tracks to Assetto Corsa it will be awesome!
best tool!

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