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Ricardo Tormo 0.9

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Circuit Ricardo Tormo.
Known issues:
- AI don't race properly
- No Trackmap.

Original Track for RFactor by Clio Cup Online

Conversion to AC by McSaltens
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Latest updates

  1. Ricardo Tormo

    Changelog: - Included Ai fix by Deswribilator -improved Road Grass and Grabel Textures...
  2. Ricardo Tormo

    Time penalty fixed.
  3. Ricardo Tormo 0.98

    Added minor Details

Latest reviews

Great track build! As my local track I driven on it, and I can say that the turns, width... are pretty accurate! And that's a real important factor. Also great repetition cams and ai not bad. But in terms of decoration :/... lacks of all, no people, bad textures out of track :( It's a shame, because as a local circuit and one of the MotoGp Championship tracks I think it deserves more attention to detail.
Anyway I'm looking how to mod it and add some details and life to it, by the moment is only a personal project, but if everything goes okay will be amazing to have your permission to reupload and give you credits!! :)
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
El circuito lo abandone hace tiempo, pero si quieres compartir lo que hayas hecho me lo puedes enviar por privado y lo reviso, una vez revisado lo puedo subir como actualización y te pongo en los creditos.
It is not too bad, needs some more environment objects. AI does race, be it a little slow. Map is easy enough, delete the map in the folder and let AC make a new one automatically. I'm keeping it because it is a fun track, despite looking a bit "bare"...
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
track is abandoned
Excellent track - many thanks! :)
Thanks. Good job. Just to complete decoration elements...
The road surface is very strange in corners mostly. Also, the racing groove floats above the road.

It has good potential but it needs some TLC.
Great track and TV cams.Thanks
Thanks. Can't wait for updates :)

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