RIde1 with Ride2 physics

RIde1 with Ride2 physics pre-final

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Here you will find a complete Ride1 physics swap to that of Ride2 (vanilla) with minor exceptions due to slight differences between the two games (Some features are simply missing from Ride1, or in Ride2 has been eliminated).
Changes includes all bikes from both Pro and Standard physics.
I left the original "stiffness" of the Ride1 rider because I just find it better. Pro physics also includes dynamic lean speed formula (under the influence of speed it is harder to lean).
This is a beta and raw version, I'm still testing, but initially everything is OK.

Mod has two variants:
1. with standard cameras
2. with driver focused cameras

How to install:
1. Go to Ride folder
2. Beckup your original DATA.MIX (rename it to DATA.BAC or something)
3. Paste my DATA.MIX you just downloaded
The package contains data.mix and sources.

Latest updates

  1. pre-final

    Turbo AI had problems @ Milano track - fixed, Improved Driver cam mod variant.
  2. beta3

    - improved standard physics - changed engine inertia for both pro and standard - improved AI...
  3. beta2

    The AI uses physics from the Standard catalog, unfortunately I had to restore it to default...

Latest reviews

Changes the original, "Ride" from a twitchy, unpleasant mess into a worthy title worth playing! Definitely get this mod and install it. It's essential.

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