RMi GTR2 Spa 1993 - Real TV 1980s & 1990s Replay Camera sets. V1.0

RMi GTR2 Spa 1993 - Real TV 1980s & 1990s Replay Camera sets. V1.0 1.0

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1980s & 1990’s ‘Real TV’ F1 camera sets for the RMi_GTR2_Spa1993 track.

Also included, is an optional lighting.ini file, for those of us who don’t use SOL or anything like that, which provides a more realistic sun and projected shadow direction.
The included camera_7.ini & camera_8.ini files don’t overwrite any existing camera files.

Unpack into: ➤
steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\rmi_gtr2_spa1993\data\ folder.

1990s camera set shown, based on the 1991-1993 GPs.

1980s camera set shown, based on the 1987-1990 GPs.
The main differences here, were at Radillon, Les Combes, Pouhon approach and the final sweep after Bus stop.

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Excellent cameras, do you reckon you could convert them for the 2003 layout too?

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