Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta 1.1

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Based on the original
Road Atlanta
for rFactor by Uzzi


Original creators:
  • *Uzzi* - modeling, texturing, scene
  • Uzzi - former modeling, organisation
  • Pandamasque - textures

Latest updates

  1. add- 24 Pit

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AI by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Road Atlanta 1.1 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Road Atlanta 1.1 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Man, I love driving this track! It really needs some cameras and to have the timing corrected, but what a lot of fun to have it in AC! Please keep going with the development!
Very cool, would be very nice to be able to set some times on it, its not working and some replay cameras :)
This was done well, however there is one error that bugs me. Something is wrong with the start/finish line, and lap times when starting a hotlap are counted from the wrong spots. My best lap was 5.9 seconds...which is obviously wrong. I think it was the amount of time from the start until crossing over some line that probably shouldn't be there.
After a few laps with a lot of AI the lap counter and position counter get screwed up. There's also no sectors implemented, so you can't hotlap. Haven't tried MP. Overall quality is awesome, thanks for my home track, if only my events could work as well as they do with a few other tracks.
Nice conversion, but friction set to 1??
Tire marks look really bad too, perhaps the shaders in the SDK are able to help with this?
Also need to set up the track for either long or short config so it can be used online.

ver 1.1 works well, of course need some refining, but hope it'll come soon ;) really like this track, thanks
poor texture quality and the track still need some work but it's nice
Great track thanks ;-)
Well done, very smooth, thank you for adding room for more AI.
Those conversion a getting better, make us wish some of the previous release could get the same smoothing treatment and more AI.
Please pass the word to the other modder on how you get that track feeling, some other tracks out there desperately need to be smoother to be fully enjoyable.
Nice track to drive and race on. Only thing to do now is fix the trees and I'll rate it 5
Very nice , thanks
More pits please :)
Good conversion, good fps.
Thanx for sharing!
Thanks you
Thanks, but more pits please
Awesome, thanks a lot!
Карина можешь писать по русски=)

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