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Road Atlanta 1.2

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V0.99 because original track was not finished.
Don't panic, can be used for races, online and offline. Everything is working.
Only one issue : if you choose to look at the track from the sky, there is a missing part, but you will not see it in a standard use (cockpit and cameras).

So, enjoy this great track.

Reiza roadshaders added
SRPL sky
LOD corrections
GSC standards
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Latest updates

  1. Horizon and sky adjustments

    Sky with medium clouds. Horizon was too high.
  2. New skies to follow GSC1.20 standards

    Sky fix

Latest reviews

Have been looking for a solid gmotor version of this track forever. Finally, it's here.
Very nice track, thx for Updating!
I also know the iRacing Laser scanned Version, and this one comes close, except at some small points of the track the Up/ down Elevations are not the same, but hey, its not a laserscanned one........... so it's great as it is
Great track, looks very good and a blast to drive !
Sky textures updated to v121 standard makes this track really close to GSC original tracks. SRW conversions are good on track layout, so I'll give it a 5 out of 5
I don't know any SRW Road Atlanta
Good work
Thank You
This is a SRW track conversion and it looks good for Game Stock Car, but I'll give a 3 out of 5 cause after v120 a lot of tracks are not good regarding the sky textures and this implies on lightning as well.
Now you can put 5 out of 5 ^^
Very nice track
Thx for this track. Love it in the retro's. Hey Manuel, if you have time to look at the arent going fast enough. hehe :)
Not realy good, look at Road Atlanta in iRacing, so you know what i mean.
Hehe. Ok to compare graphics. But now we can compare price paid for this one if you want.
Thank you!

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