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ROCKET v2 - Immersive Head Cam for Dirt Rally 2015-06-22

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Here is version 2!

This is much better, but a lot more subtle. I figured out how the original movement code was intended to function, and set it up as best I could. It turns out its pretty awesome!

The camera is joined to the head, which is joined to the body, which is joined to the anchor. The Body and Head have individual inertia, centering and dampening settings to control how they react to G-Forces. The result is a more realistic head movement inside the car, braking causes leaning forward, acceleration causes the head to go back a bit.
In crashes you get thrown around pretty realistically and it looks hella painful! I've only tweaked the movements for the Stratos, Escort Mk2, Audi Quattro Group B and Mini so the other cars may have a bit of clipping.

Features :
Upper Body and Head Dynamic simulation of inertia
Forces from car velocity and momentum changes
Greatly increased FOV range for in-game setting. Original FOV at 20% (for the Head Cam ONLY)

This is still heavily WIP, but some feedback on what is too much would be great!

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Very immersive and great fun to drive in this view.

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