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Rockingham ISSC 0.15

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Rockingham ISSC (BETA) v0.15
I present the (BETA) v0.15 of my Rockingham ISSC (UK) track. Apologies that further progress hasn't been made - I was aiming for a 0.2 release with the likes of 3d grass and a proper physics layer but after some lost testing files and lack of free time I release what I have got so far so that people can enjoy it, and I will continue working on it.

Hope you enjoy the updated version. Essentially lots of cosmetic tweaks and filling in of some trackside objects/buildings around the same layout - (still the plan for more layouts in the future).

With thanks to the shared resources thread for low poly cars and marshalls - I will be returning the favour by posting objects in that AC thread soon :)

V0.15 Current Acknowledged Bugs:
- Position flickers when crossing the start/finish straight

Rockingham ISSC (BETA) v0.1

Hi Everyone,
Assetto Corsa, I present you with Rockingham. This is the first public release of my mod of Rockingham (the UK one) and its ISSC layout (International Super Sportscar Circuit). The version number is 0.1. This is therefore still a BETA and very much (despite the hundreds of hours spent thus far) a work in progress. I have learnt how to use Blender from scratch and this track has been made from scratch using photogrammetry GIS data, survey maps and endless reference photographs. When this reaches 1.0 it is my hope that the quality will be my best effort to get close to Kunos's standards.

Also I must must say thanks to those who have given help and support: including Festa_PWR, Fordman, Nighteye, RayHT and the many others.

More photos and details can be found at my blog:

Because this is version 0.1 there are many things that are yet to be done, chief among which (which I know are popular with AC racers) are a physics mesh and 3d grass. Please don't fret, these will be included in the future updates, along with improved textures/shaders, increased trackside detail, buildings, additional layouts, proper surroundings/terrain and much much more. Currently I can inform that the Modes that work include Practice, Offline Races, Hotlap, and (cross fingers it all works right) Online. This 0.1 version can go up to 18 cars on track.

Please like this if you like it, leave constructive comments if you want to, or share photos/videos about it. Whilst profiting from this mod certainly isn't my intention, if you wish to donate, please do using the link below. The money would go towards reimbursing for the GIS data and towards more data and cookies to fuel me in future AC mods. Donate
(To install just download and extract the file into the AC tracks folder)

V0.1 Current Acknowledged Bugs:
- Position flickers when crossing the start/finish straight

“But most of all… Enjoy”


Latest updates

  1. Version 0.15

    0.15 Changelog - Trackside objects - New tyre barriers - Pitlane texture improvements - More...

Latest reviews

Open up the oval for another layout, was racing pickups round there until end of 2018, one of the coolest ovals going!
i live in corby very near to the track and it looks amazing
Excellent so far. I had a great GT3 race on it today. Needs some AI hints as they brake in the middle of the banking, but other than that is very playable.

Shame it's not been updated in a long time as it would be even better with a bit more work!
Thanks a lot for bringing this track to AC. This will help me preparing for track days held there.
Just had a quick race with some Ferrari's, feels great, nice and clean, really look forward to an update, will make a donation on payday!
drives well, looing forward to future updates
Great start indeed, keep it up! :)
Great start, and really enjoyed being involved in the progress of this track. Looking forward to the progress on this....10 Stars Reference_92
5 stars for making a scratch made track and look very nice also. It's just what we need for Assetto Corsa as most tracks tend to be conversions and not very good ones at that shamefully to say. Best of luck and thank you :)

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