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Rosberg 2014 Helmet HD 1.0

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Rosberg 2014 Helmet HD.
Sorry for uploading .dds files but i'm having .net issues for which the pssg editor won't work.
So please just put the dds files in any gen files in "F1 2013/characters/bespokehelmets" of your liking using the Ryders PSSG editor. :)
Rosberg Helmet.149.jpg

Latest reviews

Very nice! Thank you! Magnificent job!
Amazing Helmet.
great lid Gerald 5* work
this is an awesome design. i just love it.
But please do me a favor and convert these files into the way they can directly go in the bespoken helmet folder,please
I'm not good at changing the file types actually.
please a humble request.
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Sorry i can't right now.
Pssg editor doesn't open on my laptop.
Dotnet issue.
Excellent quality. Congratulations!
You are awesome....God of the Helmets :)
wow nice wished you had a 2HD version
As always higher level! Thank you!
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Awesome :) 5* for sure
awesome job m8 5*****
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Thanks buddy.
OMG! OMG! OMG! This is so awesome! Keep up the fantastic work!
awesome, hope for more 2014 masterpieces
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Thanks. Looking to make a few.
DDS. file not go, im want black helmet, no logo and helmet window change colours, and all overal pink-blue color want, im put into car/me2/livery_00, im change PSSG file. Or this helmet put in bespokehelmets?
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
i mentioned it in the thread.
Put it in the bespokehelmets.
I havn't tested it in the game.
Great as usual
Gerald Chinoy
Gerald Chinoy
Thanks. :)

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