RouenLesEssarts-extralong-rtb(revisited)-2017 1.2

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Latest updates

  1. update1.2 rouen les essarts extralong

    new update Rouen les Essarts 1.2 for assetto corsa creat by : DrM@boul improvement of "AI"...
  2. rouenlesessarts-extralong-rtb(revisited)-2017 0.1

    version final rouen les essarts 2017 extralong good game ! ;)
  3. Patches 4.3

    rouen les essarts 2016.correctifs : textures / collisions panel /camreplay/ AI

Latest reviews

If the video is anything to go by, I'm going to like this.
ty guy
This is another superb mod the attention to detail is wonderful right down to the coble stones at the hairpin, the sense of speed is amazing through out this track there are many hours of pleasure to be had here.
Cheers MadBrain.
thank you very much 9 months later !!! ahhahha
Nice track. A few improvements needed. Any plans for update ? After U turn you when u drive up the hill, with clear weather, the road almost glows white. I guess a skin could fix this.
Man I love this track. You captured the feeling of it so well, it really looks like a grand prix is happening and not so empty and vacant as many standard tracks on AC. Some corners are not done right, it would be cool if you would revisit this track. Its so much fun, I wil be right here once there is a new update. I will ride my Ferrari 312 over and over on this track until FFB kills me ;)

So much fun, thank you very very much!
Excellent work! This was one of my favourites in Grand Prix Legends, and I love how you captured the atmosphere!
Having said that, I read through some of the ratings here, because I recalled the track was layout slightly different in GPL.

jokacz is right - the "Gresil" corner was a flat out single apex, which was tightening a little at the end, making it a real "corner of courage" and giving great chance of overtaking on the long straight following, if the guy before you chickened out, or did not get the exit properly.

The "Scierie" corner (the one with cobble stones) is nicely done by you, but before start finish, there was a very fast right hand corner - the "Virage du Paradis" - which in your version is almost a straight line, while in the 1960s, it was also tightening, making it tricky on entry.

To get an idea, what the corners and layouts were like in the different eras, see this link:

And for a feeling of what this layout was like in GPL (which is probably where most people fell in love with this track), have a look at this video:

Again, gorgeous work! If you managed to get that old feeling into the layout, you would be my personal hero! :)
(And probably that of a lot of other vintage racers as well.)

thank you very much to you, rouen les essart was my very first creation, as sebring which was my second project, these are two very beloved circuits! but I know that there are a lot of errors to correct. as soon as I finish the one I am working on, I will go around my old circuits, to update them with corectif, sebring / rouen / charade ... I know that the wait is long for certain (more than a year already to see more !!!) but patience, patience, patience ,,,,
Excelente pista !!!! muy divertida y muy bien recreada. Gracias !!!!
This track is so awesome!
thank you !!
Muchas Gracias =)
gracias buena carrera !!
Sorry but I have tried multiple versions of these tracks and the file structure looks wrong on all of them. They will not extract?
if you can not extract the files !! use "7zip"
My favourite vintage track !
Some of the corners are totally wonderfull (the downhill after the starting line !)
If i can just ask for a improvement : create a texture folder with existing one. It allows to create our own)
Thanks a lot
thank you ,,
yes I know, I have a lot of demand for the correction of "ai", but I am very taken on other circuits, I will find the time as soon as possible, sorry but still a little patience, and thank you again
Great work!
thank you
This is awesome! I'm definitely using this for my F1 World Championship. Thank You for one the best French Grand Prix venues.
a big pleasure thank you !!!
super piste, merci
thank youuuu ! merci a toi
a great track
ouaiiiiiiiiii !!! thank ôÔ !!!
I don't know if this is meant to reproduce an actual road. It seems quite huge to represent a real countryside road. Anyway, it's striking quality makes this is one of the top ten best mods for AC and even better than some original Kunos tracks.
thank you !!!
Merci super boulot :)
merci a toi ! et bon jeu .
Very impressive work. Thank you.
Some shaders needs improvement, like the tree shadows being a bit too dark.

Keep up the good work
I have two screens and on the iiyama, the colors and shadows are clear and on my Hanns.g the contrast is darker, I try to balance it, thanks you !
This is a very good track and it can be seen that you put a lot of work and love for details into this track.
I startet my sim racing career with GPL so I know this original tracks for a long time. Your version remembers me of the old time.
But there are some things I miss and I probably have to live with that (more correct elevations and corner radiuses). I would wish you could make a more accurate version to the original layout. It looks like the 60s but it isnt regarding the layout, which is ok for what it is now.
I would have never touched your earlier versions with the modern look. But on this track I will return more often now with the old gp cars. Thank you!
thank you to you, but I have not touched anything of my old versions of rouen2017,
I was just forced to change the trees of the forest and those on the hills, which were crashing my software !!
for the rest, all the objects and trees on the roadside, I have nothing changed!
Beautifully done.
Thank You.
merci ! thank you my friend!!
Awesome work, thanks.
ty guys!!

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