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Route 666 1.0

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"A13" created Route 666 v1.0

"Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, a street is winding through the landscape. It has been forgotten over the years and is only used by some locals. Originally made before the war, it was made with no basement and started early to drift and erode. After the war a new bypass road was build, making the road obsolete. To keep the road intact for agricultural machines and some locals, the worst places were repaired over the decades by filling with concrete.

The track is semi fictional. That means it's based on a GPS path I recorded with my mountain bike. The surrounding environment is fictional, but is trying to replicate the atmosphere of the real place.
It was started as learning project in 3ds Max, as I want to recreate my favourite real life track soon. In the end it turned out to be something interesting which could be worth to share

I imported that path with ImportGeo to 3dsMax and created the track and terrain with Trackmaker. In general Mario Morais' script selection and tutorials helped me a lot to create this track. Thanks for this Mario

It's a tight and twisty track, so better try something good to handle first. Historic F3, Clios and Meganes seem to provide some good fun here.

The track comes with 2 layouts. The original recorded point to point layout.
I closed that with a long straight to make a circuit out of it. To make the straight not too boring, I've build in some nice jumps. That's the second layout.
Unfortunately the timing won't stop for the point to point layout. It's working in mod dev mode, I tried several combinations, but then it's packaged for single player mode the second xfinish doesn't get recognized.

Most of the textures and the utility poles are from ISI tracks.

Tosch was so nice and created the HDR profiles and also edited some of the trees' normal maps.

If you're hitting frame rate problems, try reducing reflection details first, followed by shadow details and then track details.
Loading the track for the first time can take up to 5 minutes, on a dedicated server much longer. If you want to shorten the loading time, you can download the cbash files (known as .*hat files from rF1).

If you're using the track map plugin, you can download the needed AIW and gdb files as extra archive.

Thanks a lot to Mario and Tosch for their support and of course to ISI for bringing us that much joy with rF1 and rF2.
I also want to thank Flip for all the test evenings we had together.

Have fun


unfortunately not recorded and encoded in best quality.

link to cbash *extract the archive to your rf2 root folder
link to trackmap plugin files *extract the archive to your rf2 root folder
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