RSR Formula 3

RSR Formula 3 v4.0

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4k skinpack
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RSR Formula 3 v4.0

- RSR Formula317
- new car, modeled from scratch
- RSR Formula312
- no changes from v3.1

RSR Formula 3 v3.1
- improved force feedback
- tyres tuned
- fixed issue of excessive speed in certain conditions
- reworked splitter and diffuser
- bumper camera is now in line with other AC cars
- fixed small issues on some skins

Thanks for the great help during testing to Tristan, Dan, Jaap, Phil, and the rest of the RSR Team.
Thanks to the Kunos Simulazioni team for the usual help and support, and in particular Stefano and Aris.

RSR Formula 3 v3.0
3D Model

Improved 3D and shaders
Added chromo, opaque and metallic effect (thanks to Marco Calesella for his help)
Several parts completely remodeled:
  • rear wing
  • rear diffuser
  • tyre profile (the thread is now much more visible)
  • steering wheel is now fully modeled in 3D. Small bolts, display screen and so on.
  • rear light is now also remodeled in 3D. The rear light is now blinking in the pitlane
  • new tiny details on the interior
3D optimization to improve performances
New LODs
Added seat belts (created by Marco Calesella)
Driver helmet is now appearing in the showroom
New delta function added to the steering wheel display
New internal/external cameras
Added dashcam
Tuned driver head movements

specific VR modifications:
Oculus KN5. The package includes also a specific KN5 optimized for the Oculus. The only difference are the RPM lights that are more visible also in case you are not using post processing effects. Just use the kn5 included in the

During our tests we've noticed that in some systems the driving position is a roughly meter higher that is should be. The driver eyes position seems to be ignored for some reasons.
A similar issue has been reported for official cars as well. Hopefully we will be able to fix this issue in a near future.
As a workaround use the official app to save the correct position. You just need to do this once.

Open the app Onboard settings
  • Auto Pos
  • Save
Exit from the AC session.
Enter once more.


added new skin Scuderia MRT (created by Marco Calesella) as an example of the new chromo effects introduced in the new version.
added seatbelts_textures_package. Those are created as skins for easy preview in the showroom. You can use those seatbelts of different brands in your own skins simply copying textures in your skin folder.

Sound upgraded to the new fmod project structure (updated by Davide “elMariachi90” Cervone).

Tyres upgraded to the newest tyre model v10 and fine tuned.
Tyre radius dependent on speed, calculated based on tyre manufacturer specs
Tyre falloff tuned to have a realistic feeling when losing grip
Improved tyres behaviour in fast changes of direction. The car has a now more direct response.
Improved overall force feedback feeling. The car is now more communicative. You will feel more even smaller bumps on the track. The wheel feels also a bit stronger.
Improved car behaviour on corners where there is a fast change of track camber, like the last chicane at Spa
Brakes pads efficiency based on real data
Thermal model for brakes. Driving feeling with cold brakes has been verified with Omicron Motorsport’s drivers
Added aero dependency between wings in the aerodynamic model. For example, increasing the angle of the front wing does change the efficiency of the rear wing. The new aero model is much more complex than the previous model to achieve better correlation to the experimental data. There are still few limitations that we hope we could address in the future.
Tuned damage model for the aerodynamics.
Refinement on dampers model based on new document provided by a user on RD. In the setup screens dampers options are now shown in steps for easier selection of the 8 settings available on the damper knob.
Steer assist set to 100% by default instead of 50. It’s still possible to change it anyway in the car setup screens. Best results with FF postprocessing configured correctly.
Fixed downshift profile causing the car to slightly lock the rear during downshifting
Changed step for ARBs to be make the selection easier
Added fuel consumption for accurate fuel estimation for AI (no changes for driver fuel consumption that was already tuned to the same number)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Setups of the previous version are NOT COMPATIBLE with the new version due to changes on the aero model.

I would like to share with you a nice story. At the end of June, Omicron Motorsport team was in Spa Francorchamps for their F3 cup race.
I’ve invited them to my place for a nice dinner and to try out the replica of their car on my rig with the Oculus Rift.
Jacopo wanted to try the car on the normal monitor first, as he was used to at home, to get accustomed to my rig and to better appreciate the difference with the Oculus.
I was driving quite well, but he was still missing apexes and braking points and overdriving the car sometimes.
Then he put the Oculus on, and something incredible happen (well...after 15 minutes standing still in the car full of ooohhh…. woww...that’s my car...ohhh...this is incredible...loooook I can see the Omicron logo on my driver suit...loooook...I’m here at Spa again. Look this is just like being in my F3 this morning…)... well...I was saying...something incredible happen. Immediately from the very first corner he nailed all braking points, corner entry, corner exit, no more mistakes, no more going off track, no more weird reactions.
Jacopo comment after his session sum it all up: “I was driving a simulator on a pc before. Now I’m driving my car!”
I’ll never forget that sentence. That alone is the best reward for our work, and a great recognition of the effectiveness of a VR system like the Oculus Rift CV1.

Original post of the initial release:

Formula 3 cars has been always very important for RSR Team.
Already from our netKar PRO time, when we were constantly organizing championships, we always considered this car as one of the nicest car to race with. Fast, but not too much, easy to drive, difficult to master. For sure a great car that allows to have very close and exciting races.

This is the reason why we started working on this specific car. @Mario Gilles and @Maurizio JR Gilles on 3d model of this car, and @Andrea Lojelo on the physics.

We've been very lucky to get @tristan Cliffe involved in our project. He is a Formula 3 driver in F3 Cup UK, and he helped us to push this project to a completely different level.
I've been invited to their last two F3 Cup events at Spa Francorchamps, where I spent my time taking pictures, looking at data, speaking to drivers and engineers, learning more about their cars and how they tune them, and trying to get as much information as possible.
Full days spent as a team member, living the experience, understanding how much time it takes to do a small change on the setup, being on the grid, feeling all the excitement and professionalism of a real life race.
I've been cooperating with Tristan and his team extensively in the last year and an half (almost 350 emails), and we got our hands on plenty of technical data and full telemetry to use as a reference. Tristan also helped us with measurements and tons of tests to give us proper feedback.
His help has been invaluable. A huge thank you from ours side to him and his team, Omicron Motorsport.

We've been as meticulous as we possibly can on both 3d and physics, going deeper and deeper on any aspect of the car.
This has been for me in particular, a very exciting journey, in which I learnt a lot, studying in more detail the intricate aspects of the different areas that are required to model a car correctly. This gave me also the possibility to have long conversations with other users, often very knowledgeable.
Even here, a special thanks to @Avoletta, @David Dominguez, @pankykapus and anyone else that helped me on this project.

I've been also very happy to have everyone in the RSR team excited about this project. Mario and Maurizio have done an excellent work on the car, with their usual competence and passion. Thanks also to @F.Gek for his help with few features of the car. Great to see the team work together!

This car will also feature a nice sound package created by Davide "@elMariachi90" Cervone. It was exciting to see how, in a very short time, he managed to produce our soundpack.
I was very surprised to receive some very peculiar questions on some technical aspects of the car, so that he could model them in the proper way in his sounds as well. Thanks, Davide!

One more huge thank you to @KLGreene with his ACTI telemetry tool an some support for our specific project. I spent the most of my time analyzing the car inside out with the telemetry, and I couldn't imagine any other way to check and refine the physics of this car.

We've also created a nice skinpack thanks to @After_Midnight, @NWRAP-ESP, @F430_458_F12, @Gianmarco and the unstoppable @Mario Gilles. Thanks a lot for your help guys.

Thank you also to Mattia Oselladore, PREMA Powerteam's Technical Director, for the detailed pictures provided for the interior of the car.

Last but not the least, a big thank you to Kunos Simulazioni team, not only for creating Assetto Corsa, but also for helping and supporting the community.

Here are the main features in the RSR Formula 3:
- Realistic physics, based entirely on real life data, verified with telemetry and driver feedback. Same laser scanned track, same car, same setup, same driver.
- Suspension and dampers modelled in details, after measuring them on the real car.
- full analysis on suspension geometry and dynamics (Roll Centers, Anti Squat, Anti Dive, KPI, Caster, Tyre Offset,Scrub Radius, Springs and Damper Rates, Critical Damping, Suspension Travel and so on)
- Fully spec'd aerodynamics. Advanced mathematical model created to fit with minimal loss of information, the complex aero measurements into AC aerodynamics model.
- the model is taking into account also wings interactions (disturbance of the front wing angle on the efficiency of the rear wing).
Since it's not possible at the moment to model this in a dynamic way (hopefully in pipeline at KS), the mathematical model I've worked on, it is tuned to get realistic aero balance altering wings. Optimal results on commonly used wing angles.
- Front Spitter, underbody and Diffuser stalling at realistic height
- Tyres modelled in detail. Tire wear tuned with the help of the driver, tyre grip from official tyre manufacturer data. Dependency on pressure, temperature, real tyre rates and so on.
- 3 different tyre compounds. The only real one is the AVON Medium tyre, the other tyres are created with plausible modification from the official one.
- Engine tuned with realistic drive train loss. Fuel consumption tuned with real measurements.
- Setup screen based purely on real values. Real gear ratios, wings modifications, suspension/damper settings, min/max values adjusted to real values.
- Brakes calculations to match real values
- Throttle position from measurements
- Gearbox timing tuned with telemetry data

- Scratch made 3d Model
- Working Steering Wheel display with realtime information
- Working rain light (enable it by turning on the lights)
- Animated suspensions with detailed suspension geometry
- Custom made driver animations
- 3D Damage model

This project is a work created with passion. We've spent countless hours to produce this car. We hope to receive honest feedback from users. There might be errors and things that we missed or misinterpreted, so if you find something that looks weird, feel free to contact us.

We hope that our work will not be ripped off without without permission. We're open to discussions for any customization for specific purpose.
It's strictly prohibited to use our mod in simulation centers or shows, or any paid event/championship without our permission. We created this mod for free, and, in case others wants to get profits with it (either directly or indirectly through advertisements), we would like at least to get informed first.

We will be instead more than happy if people will have fun with our mod, creating free championships, just as we did in the past.
We are all looking forward for your opinion on the car to improve it even more.

If you've read this post fully, there's something wrong with you. What are you still doing here? Grab the mod, go on track and have fun!

RSR Team

Make sure you download the skinpack as well.
Two options available:
4k skinpack
2k skinpack

In case you are using a Servo Wheel, or in general if you're experiencing vibrations, configure the steer assist in the setup screens in the GENERIC tab. The suggested value is 100. For normal wheels, keep the default value (50)

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Great mod. The sound is brilliant, the handling is very good and the seat of the pants feeling is awesome. Thank you for this work.
Great car! I have enjoyed a lot driving for months this car. Really appreciate the work. The only thing I am worried about is the force feedback. I don't know why but since today there is no force in my wheel with this car. The other cars and tracks works well but the RSR F3 has decidec to not send force feedback to my old G25. Hope we can get a solution.
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