RSS FH22 Sound Mod | Honda

RSS FH22 Sound Mod | Honda 1.0

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This is the beginning of the reupload of the F1 Megapack. The F1 Megapack was becoming too bloated and required files to be hosted off site. Therefore I took the decision to separate the sounds into individual downloads and update some along the way. This is the second of such uploads. Expect more in the coming days and weeks.


Drag and drop the 'content' folder to your root AC directory. Make sure you backup the RSS FH22 cars first.

If you wish to 'clone' cars using AC car tuner, you can do this by naming a new tune of the car 'Honda' without the quotation marks. Then copy the sound files contained within the 'car clones' folder (located in <where you extracted the mod>/RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 Honda/content/cars/<carname>/sfx/car clones/) and place them in the sfx folder of your newly created tune.

Also, please do read the README.txt file. It's asking nicely


Latest reviews

Man this mod is PERFECT. I have been searching for this since I lost it on an ATO4 mod
Thanks for all ur reviews
Can i some how place it only in the redbull skin so i dont get the honda sound in a ferrari other than that its pretty good
Yes you can if you clone the original rss car with ac car tuner, name the clone Honda, then use the included clone cars sound, place those files in the clone car's sfx folder and then install the red bull skin on the cloned car only. Then in game select that clone when you want the Honda sound
is it possible to get more brrrrt on the offboard sound onboard sound is almost perfect
Simply Simply Lovely

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