RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Ferrari SF-24 Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Ferrari SF-24 Livery 1.2

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2

    - added HP sponsors - changed Tifosi back to Peroni - updated driver suits and gloves
  2. Update 1.11

    - Added Oliver Bearman's livery - Changed Peroni to Tifosi

Latest reviews

why does it say race canceled when i try to drive?
Ciao a tutti grazie.per le mod ma come.mai au cm le.fa.vedere ma.non le carica in pista uscendo errore fallito perche manca lod digital sapere dirmi che significa !!??
This is a livery, you need the car for it to work
Excellent as always! Any chance of a Lewis Hamilton version of this @shadow118? ;)

Ignore the claims below about viruses, VirusTotal shows this is completely clean across 58 security vendors. Your browser/antivirus/operating system or any other security extension/programs you have installed are acting up if you are getting these false virus notices.
Yesterday v1.1 got flagged as virus for me too (by Defender), but v1.11 wasn't. Today v1.11 is getting flagged as a virus, but v1.1 isn't anymore. Nothing has changed in the files.

Virustotal and Malwarebytes didn't find anything and scanning the individual files before zipping also doesn't find anything so I don't know what the problem is?

About Hamilton, I'll make it when he actually drives for Ferrari ;)
One lap in monza, Excelent skin
love this one!
Amazing! Please can you make these liveries for the VRC FA car as well
Fantastic, thank you!
amazing job as always! thank you very much!!!
AMAZING!!! @Shadow118, when will you have a VRC VA23 version ready? Thank you!
How do you do :))) The best in town
just WOW

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