RSS GT Championship Painting Competition!

RSS GT Championship Painting Competition! 1.0

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RaceSimStudio GT Championship Painting Competition!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the last and final car in our GT Championship development is coming to an end the Ferruccio 57!
so we decided to open up the templates locker and give the RaceDepartment community the chance to create the designs that will be released in our final version of the pack!


The competition will run for 14 days and close on the 13/04/18 giving everyone the chance to participate in the competition,
the templates are provided within the downloads 2D/3D templates also wireframes,
only 6 designs at the end of the competition will be chosen to be placed into our content with the released version of the car.

The prize itself is the chance to have your chosen design inside the official release with your name/ages and nationality in the livery you create skins and UI files.

1/ The designs must be created within the given competition time frame.
2/ All designs that can be accepted must be uploaded to racesimstudio facebook page located here.
3/ No designs that are presented can replicate real world designs/graphics or logos,
everything created must be 100% unique and custom and only carry the RSS branding and logos provided within the downloads.

Please be respectful any issues kindly report them in the support section.
Most important thing here is to have fun!

Latest reviews

not sure if custom/fantasy liveries are the hit? As AC is a RL simulator, we love real life skins. IMHO ...
Hi, its for the final liveries of the GT Championship pack,
once the car is finished and released the community can paint them as they wish, but 1st they require painting :)
thanks for the review.
I'll try my best :)
But what does "last and final car" mean ? Is the "totally not Saleen" ready for the track ?
This is the last car to paint yes the rest are completed.

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