It is with great honour that we bring you the Ferrari SF-24 for Assetto Corsa.

Mod includes:
• CSP and non-CSP mod versions
• Unique and extremely detailed 3D model, made from photos and videos
• Ultra-realistic sounds, made from high-quality videos
• Animated and wobbly parts
• Glowing exhaust
• All drivers’ skins, helmets, and suits
• Templates

3d model & Physics
Alexandr Balanesco
Suits & gloves
Pit Banners & Team Pit Wall Skins
Oliver Bearman helmet

Update 1.1 information:

The update includes revised physics, non-CSP version, and other improvements.
The physics update includes new tyre, aerodynamic, brake, and engine parameters.
I have tested the car under various conditions on different tracks, comparing its speed and behavior to real videos, and I am finally pleased with it. The car has a much improved grip, enhanced brakes, and a more realistic maximum speed.

Installation instructions:
Copy all the folders to your Assetto Corsa root folder, located at "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa"
This mod requires one of the latest CSP versions to run properly
Do not use Content Manager automatic installation, it may cause bugs.

We have put an enormous amount of hours and dedication into this project to ensure you enjoy it at full speed.


Latest updates

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    Formula RTT 2024 Physics Update 1.4 is now here! I've been tweaking and testing the 2024 cars to...
  2. RTT Formula 2024 Cars Update 1.20

    Updated sounds Updated cameras
  3. The RTT Formula 2024 Cars Update 1.1 + Non-CSP version

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Latest reviews

Ngl, I'm disappointed, worse than the previous version of physics, seemed like real good progress was being made until this version, seems like its gone back to the old sim dream physics, a shame.
car drives like a dog, made by sim dream and author reported my review to get it taken down. Car drives and looks like it was made by middle schoolers offers nothing new or worthwhile to my ac experience.
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
What review? What's wrong with you?
Awesome, I love it!
Mod is good. With CSP it works wonders, however, the CSP version's front tyres get cold very fast and very easily. The issue about tyre models has not changed either, with only the medium model showing for all three.
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
Install the mod manually.
20 out of 20 Mod for controller play. Great all over package.
Honestly fantastic. Speed is immense but easy to lose control on slower corners, great to drive overall.
Really good mod but for some reason the only tire i can choose is the medium
any help?
pretty good free mod, when you start to really push it some flaws show. The tires have far more grip than the areo provides so the car starts to lift in the air around corners like an air-plane rather than slide like what would be expected when a tire overloads.
handling's great! sound design's a bit weird though. still very enjoyable by all means
This mod is absolutely excellent.Car is very good.
If you say me that this is the first AC Evo car made by Kunos I believe you. Excellent work. It's magical.
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
Thank you! I can't wait to see it in AC Evo.
Amazing mod and great handling, the livery looks amazing too. But when i load the car i dont have any texture on the side of my wheels. with the NC version i have but only the medium tires
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
Thank you! Make sure to install the mod manually. Just extract all the files into your AC folder.
super car ..and looks amazing ...thanks a lot for this great creation
Looks great. Drives great too. It feels very stable and grippy, but responsive. The only oddity is the porpoising at higher speeds. The car can feel a little un-necessarily jumpy as it bounds along sometimes (CSP version). May I ask if these are in-house physics or adapted from another mod...? It feels reminiscent of the feeling from the 2022 VRC Formula Alpha car, is all
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
Thank you. Yes, I've implemented porpoising after 250 kph. I've used SF70H physics as a starting point for it and then tweaked it to 2024 regulations.
Great job! The car feels fantastic, really good grip, great details. Couldn't ask for more!
"All drivers’ skins, helmets, and suits"
I only have Leclerc, Sainz and Bearman wheres the rest?
Alexandr Balanesco
Alexandr Balanesco
Do you know other Ferrari 2024 drivers?
Average mediocre free mod. Something youd find on mediafire. Feels like the suspension is from a jeep and the grip just makes no sense
I have a issue that my WET tyres like doesn't work it feels like slick on rain I thik it's just a texture... Anyone help?

Latest News

Alexandr Balanesco
File size
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First release
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User rating
4.35 star(s) 40 ratings

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