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Ruf Cup #8 "Sierra Nevada" Version 2

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I'm working on a skin pack for my Ruf Cup career, found here. They are all fantasy and somewhat quick and dirty! This is the first of a planned eleven and my also first attempt at skinning. Any feedback will be appreciated!


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  1. Ruf Cup #8 "Sierra Nevada" V2

    Updated number logos and made some sticker adjustments. Please delete the original!

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Thank you
Are you from Granada, Spain?
the skin goes well with this car, thx & well done.
HNY all, vroummmm.
I like the originality of this skin, nothing too complicated but still different enough. Easy to change colors too I presume, which is important for a skin pack. Could you make the number 8 a bit transparent, so one can see the N of Nevada on the side? I think it might contribute to the skin quality, not sure. Set the layer of the 8 to "multiply" in stead of "normal" or use the slider to lower the density of the number. Just a thought, great first skin though!!
Thanks Sunny, great suggestion!
Really Nice skin. It is Very C00L L00king for sure...................=)
Very nice skin , thanks and Happy new Year !

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