Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains 0.2

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PLEASE NOTE: The file size of this mod (2.3GB compressed, 5.2GB uncompressed) far exceeds the upload limitations of RaceDepartment. The file you'll download here is a PDF which contains a hyperlink to download the track via MEGA. Please do not distribute that MEGA link or the contents of this mod, to other modding websites or forums without my prior consent. I certainly do hope you will share the track with your friends, but please only share a link to this RaceDepartment mod release page. Thank you for your interest in my work. Enjoy!

Welcome to Santa Monica Mountains! This track mod is my recreation of the network of canyon roads nestled in the hills above Malibu, California. To create it I am employing a technique of photogrammetry in order to capture the actual roads with as much precision and detail as I can manage. For more information on the process and overall goal of the project, please refer back to my original forum thread HERE.

4/22/2023 Update v0.2
  • Edges of photogrammetry roadway now blend with background terrain on most sections of the map.
  • Tuna Canyon and Saddle Peak are now complete and are actually driveable.
  • Most major glitches in the geometry and textures have been improved on most sections of the map.
  • Basic foliage added throughout the map on all routes.
  • Road signs, guardrails, and other props are now placed throughout the map on all routes.
  • New paddock added at the bottom of Tuna Canyon with 14 pit boxes. There is a map and an AI racing line up to the peak at Lois Ewen Overlook, HOWEVER I do not recommend AI. Tuna is extremely narrow and the AI like to cut corners, rolling themselves over.
  • New paddock added at the bottom of Las Flores Canyon with 14 pit boxes. No AI or map line implemented here yet.

Here are some screenshots showing what kind of improvements you can expect to see around the map on v0.2:


Here's a video showcasing the new Tuna Canyon and Saddle Peak hill climb run, as well as the new improvements to Stunt Road, Las Flores Canyon, and Piuma Road. One interesting thing to note is that in real life Tuna Canyon is a one-way road going downhill. So getting to drive it uphill here is a bit of a unique experience! Please do not attempt in real life.

Here's a map showing the latest track layout in v0.2


Older Misc. Screenshots (v0.01):




Features: (v0.2)​

  • 6 different spawn locations with a varying number of boxes at each. (AI options only available at select locations).
  • Two Racing AI lines to choose from, with a third one partially working. One of which runs along Mulholland Hwy and up The Snake, and the other one runs up from Stunt to Piuma. The third is from the bottom of Tuna Canyon, however the AI are buggy in version 0.2 and will crash often.
  • In-game track map and suggested racing line available for the two racing AI stretches mentioned above.
  • Freeroam two-way AI traffic is also available with 3 different spawn points to choose from, each one with 24 pit boxes. The traffic will only loop on 11 miles of the road (Stunt/Schueren/Piuma), but all 21 miles of the map are available for you to roam solo or via online multiplayer. This two-way traffic should be expected to be buggy and REQUIRES CSP AI Behavior as noted below.

Requirements / Recommendations: (v0.01)​

  • Content Manager
  • Custom Shader Patch with GrassFX enabled
  • Custom Shader Patch with New AI Behavior. "AI Flood" and "Get back to race after pitting" MUST be enabled for the Freeroam modes. Two-Way traffic WON'T work without this.
  • -Recommend Sol Weather with "Haze" preset for the most true-to-life visual experience. The time of day in my videos and screenshots is 13:30 and I'm using the standard Sol PP filter.

Driving Modes: (v0.01)​

There are multiple driving modes to choose from. Always Content Manager to make your driving selections, and PLEASE NOTE that the Freeroam Two-Way AI traffic absolutely requires the CSP New AI Behavior settings noted above.

  • A - Race Stunt -- Racing AI line for use in Race, Hotlap and Track Day modes. 24 pit box. Runs up Stunt, across Schueren, and down Piuma. Timing beacons included.
  • B - Race The Snake -- Racing AI line for use in Race, Hotlap and Track Day modes . 24 pit box. Runs along Mulholland Hwy and up The Snake. Timing beacons included.
  • C - Freeroam -- Two-Way AI traffic spawning at the bottom of Stunt Road, 24 pit box.
  • D - Freeroam -- Two-Way AI traffic spawning at the David M Brown Overlook, 24 pit box.
  • E - Freeroam -- Two-Way AI traffic spawning at the Lois Ewen Overlook, 24 pit box.
  • F - Freeroam -- NO AI, but spawn point at the peak of The Snake Carspot, 24 pit box.
  • G - Freeroam -- NO AI, spawn at the bottom of Las Flores Canyon
  • H - Race -- AI available (BUT NOT RECOMMENDED AT THIS TIME) with 14 pit boxes at the bottom of Tuna Canyon, a hill climb run up to Lois Ewen Overlook.

Here's a video demonstrating the Race AI line that's available as driving mode A.




Known Issues: (v0.2)​

  • AI on Tuna Canyon is not reliable. They cut the corners and flip themselves over.
  • The Snake has not had any changes made to it for this release. Some photogrammetry issues still exist.
  • AI is buggy. They might crash, they might lose a wheel, and they might stop in the middle of the road! I've had many successful runs with them, but your mileage may vary.

Immediate To Do List:​

  • Fix AI on Tuna Canyon Hillclimb Race mode. They tend to cut the corners which makes them roll over often. I need to record a new AI line with boundaries.
  • Expand the network of roads. I've recorded photogrammetry data for nearly 30 miles of additional roads, so am now beginning to process that. This primarily includes a large section of coastal road which will begin to link together the ends of existing roads. The section of coast I've recorded is NOT the section that exists here in real life, but instead a much more interesting bit of road further to the north.

If you enjoy this mod and would like to see continued progress on refinement and expanding the road network, please do let me know! A lot of coffee (and the occasional beer or two) goes into the making of this, so any dollar or two that you feel like tossing my way will only help fuel this endeavor!

Or if you're feeling really generous and feel like making a recurring donation, you can do so through Patreon:
(NOTE: No exclusive content is offered on Patreon at this time, and rest assured that this mod will never be locked behind a paywall. However if there is Patreon interest, I will consider ideas for additional content in the future such as tutorial media, intermediate progress releases, and access to my library of other WIP unreleased track mods).​

One thing I want to mention is that I highly recommend Velo's MGBGT 1966 car mod if you're looking for a new car to take out onto these narrow twisty canyon roads. It really has been my favorite car to use while doing test runs around here. The car's limit is just about equal to the limit that you can comfortably drive these roads without flying off the edge at every corner, which makes it a really enjoyable pairing. The torque, braking strength, and nimble yet forgivable handling make it a very reliable way to get around here. The AI racing with them is really great too! They're tough.

PLEASE READ: If you have access to these roads in real life, please remember to always drive carefully, safely, and within the bounds of the law. Never cross the yellow lines and always be respectful of the lives of the cyclists, pedestrians, and fellow motorists who you share these roads with. The driving you do in the sim should stay in the sim.​

Anyway, thanks for checking it out! Happy driving and enjoy!

Latest updates

  1. Alpha Update v0.2

    At last, an update! First off, I do apologize for how long of a wait it has been. I sincerely...

Latest reviews

The road is awesome both graphically and from the point of view of the 3D modelling. Layout and road surface and width are very fun to drive, maybe the best ever. It's all very realistic and beautifully to see. It's a pity there's lot of work left with the graphics out of the road. Does the creator want anybody to help him to finish this beautiful work of art? I am not good at it, but here I am sure there a lot of people who is
This map trips me out because parts of it look super realistic and parts are just completely void of any detail. Interesting experiment!
It's a crime this isn't one of the most popular free roam maps, especially for road cars!!
The singe best togue in assetto corsa.
in any car, at any speed it will test your skills and never bore you, the graphics were a little rough but after 0.2 they're good enough that you won't even notice because you will be having so much fun.
highly recommend, hope to see more like this
Groundbreaking map for Assetto Corsa. Us locals are incredibly lucky to have you. Besides the skip stunt makes at las virgines this is flawless. Cant wait for Latigo!!!!
one of the best realistic free roam tracks but please optimize it because i experience fps drops every several seconds
Pretty much my favorite free roam out there. There are moments in VR where it just looks absolutely photorealistic. Great work
I love going here IRL, there is one spot on Piuma Road where the clouds flow over the mountain like a waterfall. Picture:
What a great work! thank you so much for this :)
Really love it
Thanks for this awesome map. I've been waiting for an update for a long time and it's finally here, looks awesome dude.
Please keep updating this!!!
Excellent one more time. People like you makes me an happy life! Thanks for your time.
Thank you for the update. Really appreciate this map, it's great fun. Looking forward to the next update, great idea taking a part of PCH further north instead of using the boring IRL part.
Really great map and drive, however if u play in vr and spawn at tuna canyon and look to the top left where the drive button would be the game freezes and crashes afterwards otherwise its fine.
looking good and fun to run
i know your work and it's awesome but this track is...heavy i mean fps killer.
Thanks for updating this, it is awesome, especially in VR! Keep up the good work, and hopefully others will follow your example with using photogrammetry in future.
Fantastic work, this is crazy, the photogrammetry method is next level and your the first one doing it.
This was for me the most waited mod since first version came alone, and finally here it is. and a really nice pick of improvment you made: the road and relation with the environment feel much better, and the added vegetation is also welcome. thank you so much, and again i´ll be waiting next update
Awesome, thank you.

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