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Saulnier Racing 2008 LMS 1.0

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Saulnier Racing 2008 LMS


Project: Open source files here

P1 : #4
Chassis : Pescarolo
Engine : Judd GV5.5 S2 5.5L V10
Drivers : J. Nicolet / M. Faggionato / R. Hein

P2 : #35
Chassis : Pescarolo
Engine : Judd DB 3.4 L V8
Drivers : P. Raques / M. Lahaye / C.F. Cheng

Tyres: Michelin S8H

Model by: Stefan Woudenberg
Physics by: Knut Omdal Tveito
Sound by: wockesinger (for permission mail to:

1. Unrar the file and put the "Saulnier_Racing_2008_LMS.rfcmp" file in your package folder and use the mod manager to install it.
2. Enjoy

I always admired modders for their work and wanted to see if I could do it too.
It was really hard as there is so little information available how to do things as you mostly always want to see the source.
I started in september 2012. I got myself blueprints and as I love Endurance races I looked for a P1 or P2 car as there is none of those in rF2 yet.
As I had no clue how to start and didn't know if I would like to model I started to make the model in Blender. After a month I was almost done with the car.
When I thought I would export it to rF2 I couldn't find the way how to do that.
Everyone was using 3D Max. I exported from Blender to 3D Max and about 60% of the model was messed up.
A major setback which made me stop modeling..... for a while....
I was very dissapointed and due to not knowing the software and being busy at work I just let it there on my HDD.
After X-mas I had some time and got the drive to get it going again. I re-did most of the model/parts.
I had many questions how to do things. On some forums ... no answer .... just being ignored...
Here at RACEDEPARTMENT I got an answer and was offered help with all questions and offered to get the right physics for these cars.
I decided to stop redoing everything and just finish the model and release it as open source, so other people like me would be able to learn and also start doing this fun thing...
which takes loads of time and a very steep learning curve.
The tyres structure used for this mod are the same as the ISI Corvette C6R GT2. The only thing that has been changed is the compound type.
According to Michelin that is the S8H for LMP cars, which is used to fit real life. The wet tyres are the same as the Corvette's.
The model still has point of improvement. The skinning (alpha layer / shadows / etc) can be done much much better.
As it's open source it's a base to start from and improve things part by part. It's all up to the one who decides using this.
For me this was a project of learning how do they do it. I know know how things can be done better, which will show in my next model. ;)
I hope you guys/gals enjoy it and take this car to a next higher level. Myself won't put any more time into this.
Happy Modding!!! :)

Credits to:
Knut Omdal Tveito :thumbsup: for his endless patience and my biggest help. Knut, without you this would have been a dissaster and I would surely never have finished it. You are the greatest! :) :thumbsup:
wockesinger for letting me use his sounds which he created for the rFactor1 SCC mod in 2009.
Scott Webber for making the video and for testing
Marco Bijl for testing and tips on making the package
RACEDEPARTMENT.COM for the many years of sim racing fun and being such a awesome community.

If you want to use the sounds of the JUDD engines for you own mod, please contact wockesinger by using email address to ask permission.
If you use the physics and or tyres, please give some credits. :)

Latest reviews

Unfortunately I have to say that I have uninstalled this mod again. Every time I tried to load a track with this vehicle the computer was frozen and I had to reboot. And it has always happened only with this vehicle.
yea men great work thanks.
Great physics!
Great First Mod, shows a lot of promise

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