Secure Spare Tire

Secure Spare Tire

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Secure a spare wheel in the Satsuma's trunk!

When you first install the mod and run the game you will find your spare wheel in the trunk of the Satsuma.
stock wheel installed.png

You can secure any of the rims in the boot!
wheel1 tick.png
wheel2 tick.png wheel3 tick.png wide steel wheel tick.png stock wheel tick.png

How To Install:
  1. Extract the contents of ""
  2. Copy "SecureSpareTire.dll" to your Mods folder,
  3. Copy "ModApi.dll" to your References folder (located in your Mods folder.)
Please let me know if you are having issues or you have found a potential bug! Thanks.
# If you like my mod, please review it!
# if you have an issue with the mod please, use the support & feedback thread.
# If you have any suggestions for this mod, or have a mod request please comment/message me!
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    wheel1 installed.png
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    wide steel wheel installed.png
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Latest updates

  1. updated mod reference.

    updated mod reference.
  2. Bug fixes. mod now works as expected.

    Bug fixes. mod now works as expected.
  3. Fixed bugs present in previous version (v0.1) | ModAPI v0.1.3.2-alpha implementation!

    Address old bugs with the mod as all you guys experienced. The problem was with my ModAPI...

Latest reviews

It works great, but i found a bug.
Whenever i save my game, the wheel is already secured on the car's trunk, even if i remove it before saving.
Apart from that, the mod is very good
i will have a look. cheers for your review!! would you be able to link you output_log.txt file in the discussions
The mod is good but the problem is that when I load the game in the trunk there is the GT rim without a tire and when I take it out it appears with a tire but I cannot grab it, pls update it.
the wheel is out of the trunk
Awesome mod! very useful and I thinks this can be in vanilla game (I hope so^^).
However, is not working perfectly,
specially when you move with the spare tire and when you try to remove the spare tire from the trunk.
(And remove the mod makes the spare tire disappear completely)

Anyways, I really hope you'll fix that. This is one of the most useful mods of the game,
keep it up✌
Would be nice if I could take the tire out after I put in
I put it into the trunk ,and the tire is gone
I downloaded this mod it kinda worked at first but I tried to move the car by hand and it was floating in mid-air after hours of reattaching I got fed up and uninstalled and now my spare tire is in the void and invisible like it doesn't even exist even MSC can't help ;~; please fix. would love this mod if it worked
plz make a similar mod to this and the jack one but for the gas can
This mod is very good idea but some bugs should be fixed. When I attach the spare tire into trunk it is OK but when I disconnect the wheel from trunk I can't pick it up and its locked inside the trunk completly. So I must disable this mod to recover the sapare tire. Very pity because this mod is very usefull but not working good. I hope that the autor will fix the bugs and release new update of this mod.
Whenim doing burnouts it started to error a bit and the wheel disappear and flying in mid air fter that i took it off at the mid air and i can pick the wheel up..... SO FIX IT AND UPDATE IT or kill it
It's not really working. Wheel attaches to trunk but after moving Satsuma from default location it start to glitch out. Can't pick up the wheel, attaches in air in front of garage, wheel on car duplicates. I'm using MSCLoader 1.0.1
At first the mod worked perfectly, and for a moment I do not know why but the wheel was not installed, so I put it back there is the symbol to install it when I click the wheel go I don't know where! then i try to delete the save of the mod but it does the same thing ....
Its normal when i put the wheel it attached outside the trunk?
10/10 esto deberia estar en el juego
For the first 10 minutes mod was working great, but then it started attaching to the garage.
Love it thanks for the mod
This mod is awesome it should be a part of the game but it has one big flaw; if you attach the wheel it will attach in the garage whether or not you are there.
Great mod
Thanks for your feed back :)
Ahh..Finaly some one make this mod.
Thanks Dude I like this mod a lot. :D
Thank you Tom, for your feedback
nice mod, is perfect
Thank you for your review :)

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