Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit

Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit v1.0.0

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This is the second Street Circuit from Hyperdrive Cities. After the Orchard Road Street Circuit in 2021, we present to you the Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit in Jakarta!

4.4km long and 16 turns, the Circuit is situated around Jakarta's iconic Semanggi Interchange, as well as the most prominent business district on Jenderal Sudirman Road.

This is the initial release and free version, and we are working on more layouts, including night lighting which will be released for subscribers only.

For more info regarding updates about our circuits, please visit our site!

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Latest updates

  1. Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit - Night Version

    Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit - Night Version is available now!

Latest reviews

amazing! now one of my favorite street circuits. thank you!
this track is pretty challenging but really nice to drive around. Indonesia is a great country to have races on
gg sih 10/10
The quality is just outstanding! Thank you
This track is a blast! We just ran the track in my F1 league and had a great time! High speed, flowing, requires skill for overtakes, and it looks brilliant under the lights.
If it say "Track Not Found" try to change name track folder to "lor_semanggi_jakarta"
A really fun track! Night visuals are great however the tv screens around the track are not displaying properly at night, at least for me. They work fine in daylight hours though.
Gorgeous, amazing work! Even runs well with my lower-range GTX 1660ti card, at least running solo, haven't tried it with a lot of traffic yet.. Two suggestions for tiny improvements:
The track surface is a bit sparkly, needs some new textures? And I'd love more echo/reverb in the tunnel - let's hear those engines!
When I start it says "ERROR Track not found!"
amazing map
When I start it says "ERROR Track not found!"
Really fun to drive on it and really reminds me of my work commute
The track is highly detailed and well modeled. Very well done.
Fantastic !!!!
This is an incredible track, looks absolutely stunning. Thank you very much.
Great work
This is one of the best city street circuits I've raced on,
detail is superb right length and wide track, excellent well done can't wait for more.
circuit fantastique!! jubilatoire avec le mod v8 supercars. merci beaucoup
I literally live in Jakarta, and yes, our streets are wide. Great one!
not a narrow street circuit,love it
Thanks man

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