Setup Guide for High-Downforce Cars

Setup Guide for High-Downforce Cars v1.3

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  • added a few useful features to the MoTeC project
  • added a quick start guide that explains some of the most important features of the MoTeC project
  • fixed minor errors
  • reworked the anti-roll bar section
  • made small changes to the differential section
  • added short explanation of bump and rebound to damper section
  • rearranged parts of the aerodynamics section
  • fixed minor errors throughout the document
I'm very happy with the current state of the guide, so don't expect any updates in the near future.
  • completely reworked the damper section
  • added an Excel-file for the calculation of damping ratios to the list of downloads
  • added a MoTeC project to the list of downloads
  • fixed some minor errors

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