Setup Guide for High-Downforce Cars

Setup Guide for High-Downforce Cars v1.3

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I have decided to release my own setup guide for Automobilista. It focues on high-downforce cars and how they are affected by ride height changes. Among other things it explains how telemetry can be used to find the perfect ride heights of any car.

Below is a demonstration of the improvements that can be achieved within a matter of minutes by making use of the knowledge this guide equips you with. All I changed from the default setup are the ride heights, the thrid springs and the packers. The guide describes how you can do the same.

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  2. small update

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  3. completely reworked the damper section

    completely reworked the damper section added an Excel-file for the calculation of damping ratios...

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Thank you so much for providing clear and concise definitions and a process that interested parties can use. I have been playing sims for a very long time, but have never been any good at tuning. This guide has helped me to understand the what, why and how of a viable process. Brilliant piece of work and thanks again.
Thank-you so much. Most of us are just drivers after all, with a very limited knowledge of mechanics and engineering. Sims are great, but I wish they took that into account a bit more
thanks for the work mate! There is no reason now to access the podiums now! :P
AM Drivers like myself can always appreciate a good guide. And there are so few written for high downforce cars. Now maybe I will drive them more often.

Many thanks for sharing, fellow pilot!
Great source of information thank you for sharing. One question I have is what wing settings should be used when doing the test runs to find the optimum rake angle?
Tim O'Glock
Tim O'Glock
You can use the default wing settings. It doesn't really make any difference.
Agreed--clear and concise. A great guide to show the how-to and the benefits of the use of telemetry.
Clear and concise
Great guidance for setup work to help you get started without getting to deep into details. Thank you for sharing.

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