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Shelby Cobra Skins X3 v2

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3X Skins for the Shelby Cobra.

Will only line up correctly on the 0.5 version (latest version to current date).

Does also include 3X 1960's style helmets for the drivers.

If you do not wish to use the 60's style helmets, do not load the driver file within the data folder.
Done in two different sizes depending on your PC spec.

8192 and 4096, each of which are clearly labelled within the downloaded folder.

Thank you.


P.S Got to say a big Thank you to the meco and pankykapus for the fantastic model they have produced.....was a joy to work on and take for a spin.





Latest updates

  1. Replaced Driver3d.ini file to attempt graphical errors.

    Replaced Driver3d.ini file with fixed version. Will not load my one up in case it still causes...

Latest reviews

Makes the Cobra bite!
Thank you so much for the awesome skins.
Four years later still some of the best looking Cobra skins.
great work thx ...
beautiful work stunning .
Simply fantastic work .......cheers mate
The Cobra at its finest :-)
Awesome thanks )
Awesome work mate,Easily worth a 5 Star rating,Thanks for sharing,Cheers.
simply superb work ML :)
You're a master! These skins are must have
Absolutely gorgeous, thank you very much.
Awesome skins dude...THX
Fantastic skins, thanks mate.
The skins are wonderful, but like MeMyselfAndI, there's some weird graphical **** going on in cockpit view.
Excellent skins -
I can`t use the 60's style helmets. Get some graphic anomaly in cockpit view!
Wonderful , first skin is marvellous !!
Excellent work! Nice HD skins. Thank you.

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