Shifter Kart 125

Shifter Kart 125 0.8.3

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This Kart was originally uploaded to Race Department over here, back in 2017, so many thanks to everyone that made that possible:

This release is my attempt to add at least one revisions worth of "upgrades" to this kart, which includes adjustments to the base model as well as three new LODs, which should help to improve framerates/fps. The physics and data have also been tweaked to try to improve the handling and driving feel.

This release includes a conversion of all the skins I've previously released for the original kart, as well as what's found in this skin pack (by permission from the author):

Skins for the previous release will no longer work with this revision, as the UV Maps have changed to facilitate painting the majority of the Karts exterior (which was not previously supported). This is an example to demonstrate how much surface is available to paint:

If anyone has suggestions for how to improve the kart please PM me or a drop a message in the discussion thread.

Gimp XCF for making liveries is posted here:
The car and skin template now support adding graphics to the back of the drivers seat.

Demo Race:


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Latest updates

  1. physics, model, and CSP fixes/updates

    0.8.3 Updates - Optimized/Updated the collider to better fit the shape of the car and driver...
  2. minor seat shader and texture changes

    It had been bugging me how the textures and shaders for the seat and vinyl "sticker" on the back...
  3. ffb & lod adjustments, framerate improvements

    I was hoping to get some new animations into 0.8.2, but that is proving to be a much bigger task...

Latest reviews

Here is finally a note on your well deserved work, better late than never, thank you again for this very good mod.
Great Mod Thankyou
I think that finally playing Karts is a reality in AC. I can't say much about real-life correspondence, but all I can say is that this car is an incredible introduction to so many simdriving elements. For instance, it's extremely easy to feel how the car weight balance affect under/oversteering. You can feel how lifting off the pedal makes you oversteer (since there's less weight on the back) and, conversely, you can induce understeering by accelerating (with control). These are principles that sooner or later you will have to master in your simracing journey, but it might not be so obvious and "safe" as here for you to practice.

As for AI, I highly recommend higher levels of aggression (or else it can be a bit too passive, but at around 75-95% they really go for it. I also recommend using the new Content Manager AI limitations to force the AI to pickup the best gear ratio for each track.

I'm having loads of fun in Kartodromo de Valencia, which you can find here on RD.

I wanna thank the creators for this wonderful addition to our range of options in AC. In fact, thanks specially for fixing the FPS drop problem, I was never able to field more than 10 karts before but now even 36 is a breeze.
Just updating my old review. Great fun and good skin mapping!
The physics are great and fun. Tracks with height differences and camber are especially enjoyable!
The framerate issues are completely fixed and therefore, as said in the last review, this is now a 5/5 kart!

(Note: I can't really attest to how realistic it is. I can say it's pretty fun though.)
...intense, thanx for this. Huge grin while driving it.
20 karts on screen and no issue, just small glitches in animation or lods.
Unfortunately framerate is really struggling with this mod. To comparison, i tried the "unupgraded" shifter kart 125 from the original release with the same conditions (track, no. of opponents etc.) through several races. The old release runs buttersmooth at 60+ fps. It's a shame, because I'd love this project to get some attention back!
thx for this mod!!! its great. good work! one annoying thing that i found was that on straight line kart is turning a little bit right without me touching anything(maybe its because im using a controller dunno) but i can live with that. othervise great mod)))
The physics are great and the kart ist really fun to drive around, especially on tracks with nice height differences.

The big issue remains the framerate. I'm on an RTX 3070, ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram and only get around 13fps with 5 karts on track. That definitely shouldn't happen and makes any kind of Ai or MP racing impossible. (For reference, night rain racing with 40 GT3 Ai cars is no issue)

There's some great potential in this kart. If you manage to fix the framerate then it's a good and solid 5/5 kart!
Love it!
Great upgrade. The Kart now handle much better and the phisics feel much realistic. Thank you.

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