Shutoko Revival Project Shin-Kanjo Outer Circuit camtool2 data

Shutoko Revival Project Shin-Kanjo Outer Circuit camtool2 data 2022-09-25

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This camtool2 data is a Metropolitan Expressway map produced by Syutoko Revival Project: Shin-Kanjo Outer Circuit.

Drag and drop the downloaded apps and content files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steamapps\steamapps\common\assettocorsa
Drag and drop them to

Also included with this camera is a file to run Camtool2.
This is not to be left online, as it will be judged as running in reverse and cause kicks.
If you want to run online, please change it to an alias (e.g. or remove it from the file.

Also, multiple's in one folder will cause errors.
If you have ai's that I have created in the past or ai's for other traffic, please organize them in such a way that you can tell which ai's are for which course.

Or use the JSGME software to apply only one of them depending on your use.

Finally, redistribution is prohibited.

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