Shutoko Revival Project v0.9.1 AI traffic mod

Shutoko Revival Project v0.9.1 AI traffic mod 1.0

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This is AI traffic mod for Shutoko Revival Project v0.9.1. This mod is using CSP Traffic Planner tool so the cars behave less like on racetrack and a bit more like in real life.

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Line C1
Line 6
Line 9
Line 11 - Rainbow Bridge
Line 1
Line B
Line K1
Line K5
Line K3
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Overload Layout:
I've removed custom surfaces.ini file and put back original one. Reason: checksum fails on online servers. If you are experiencing checksum fails on online servers after installation of this mod, delete Overload Layout, download it from SRP Discord and install new one.


Manually drag files to your game location:

Bez tytułu.png

Replace all the files.

Important: make sure you have csp-traffic-planner working with "data" folder in it.

by Tominator21 for instalation details - he has created great guide.

Make sure you have newest Custom Shaders Patch version installed. Otherwise, it might cause sim/whole game to crash.

Bear in mind, this mod has beed made for version 0.9.1, not containing city center part.

Here's short preview:
Have fun!

Latest updates

  1. Bugs fixed

    Most bugs are fixed, some missing intersections added. One major bug that still exists is on...
  2. Coverage completed

    Coverage of whole map is done, now only testing. Let me know if you notice some bugs like wrong...

Latest reviews

Finally a fully functional AI traffic mode in SRP
Traffic is using all 3 lanes, working great so far!
Perfect, you cured the traffics allergy for the third lane.
And made the AI have a better understanding of merging lines instead of just "Hope your ready, cause here I come"
BEST TRAFFIC AI OUT TO DATE. all lanes actually merge. I would recommend 150 cars with 1.0 speed to give you a online server feel when playing offline.
It works great! I was wondering why the AI brake as soon as I get close to them though. It takes away from it a litte bit.
this is such an amazing fix for 2real that I was having where cars only spawned on the 2 left lanes and were merging into each other. This mod needs more recognition such an amazing job hopefully it keeps improving in the future and great job!
Doesn't have anything in it when downloaded
Install it manually, not via content manager. It is written clearly in description, so first read and use instructions, then rate.
doesnt work it just says sim crashed
How about other traffic planner mods on different maps, do they work or crash too?
U did it!
Nice Work!
Finally a good one with no weird lane lines. Thank you!
Finally dense, three-lane traffic for offline use! Keep up the good work

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