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Simple OSD 2013 1.1

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Simple OSD 2013 by ML2166/Ryder25

v 1.0.2013.1026

This mod gives you a minimalistic OSD so that your screen is less cluttered. It removes the driver names list, lap times list, and the rpm/gear section. All you'll see is your position, lap, kers/drs/fuel, and minimap.

*Backup files first

Simply place the files from frontend to your F1 2013/frontend directory.

b_osd -- Removes things from the rpm/gear section.
d_osd -- Removes the driver name, and lap time lists.

Best used with cockpit view, and your favorite camera mod to show the kers/drs/fuel.

ML2166 -- b_osd
Ryder25 -- d_osd


(Picture from 2012 mod)
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Latest updates

  1. Update #1

    Fixed broken fuel gauge, updated by ML2166.

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