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Skin Caterham Lamborghini v1.0 2014-10-24

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Oky girls and guys i'm back but not alone. I bring with me my new design. First time in 2014 Lamborghini join F1 race supporting Caterham team. I just got tired of all this Ferrari's and Red Bulls now something new. I hope you will gonna like this and i wish you happy gaming. Enjoy your F1 2014 and i will bring more skins for all of you. This is it for now.

Cheers Pam :)

Install skin in "ca2" Caterham team folder. MAKE BACKUP FIRST. Enjoy!

What is new in this skin:

+Removed and replaced 90% of bolid logos
+Remove carbon fiber totally from bottom part
+Added Orange color for Lambo
+Polished high color skin
+Tested vehicle in various conditions
+And of course did car wash for you ;)

As always video and some pictures....








Latest reviews

Great Skin! Can I make a mod to make the team better and you publish it!
great job!! fantastic
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :)
very nice. i like the cm kick in the nuts too. EA Sports logo on the rear wing. subtle.
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you! I'm glad that you like it! :)
it looks beautiful , nice work
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you for 5 stars.I'm glad you that you like my new design.More is coming :)
This is amazing! I change it over mine haha :P
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
hahaha you will design some cars to just keep working and believe :)
Very nice!!
Thank you ;)
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you :)
Great car...BTW you forgot to polish the tires as well! Thank you.
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
hahaha lol i will next time :) Thank you for 5 stars :)
:-) wow
Pamela USA
Pamela USA
Thank you for rating me high :)

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