Skin Pack for URD Radical SR3

Skin Pack for URD Radical SR3 1.01

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Thought I'd create a bunch of quick skins for the URD Radical to pad out the field.

Really awful, awkward template to use, not sure about the AO either. Anyway, they do a job so I thought I'd share.




Latest updates

  1. One additional skin added, plus a few quick tweaks

    I had a request from a RD member to create a unique custom skin for them, including sponsors of...
  2. Four more added

    Final update, with four more liveries added, bringing the total to 20 which is enough for a...
  3. Another 8 added. 16 in total.

    Added a futher 8 skins bringing the total to 16, probably add another 4 to get to the magic 20 mark.

Latest reviews

Great job mate, Thanks!!!
Great job dude, Thanks!!!
Perfect skins.
Only a very, very tiny critiqie....
The "Jägermeister" has to be orange. ;-)
Good job!
Lots of good looking skins, nice job
Thanks a lot, awesome skins for an awesome car.
Excellent skins! Thank you
Stunning is all I have to say :-)
Excellent job!
Great Job
Very solid for a strange template :)
These are HAWT, wow excellent work!
Very nice skins for a very nice car.
Thanks a lot, good work!

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