Skyfall 2023 revamped cars

Skyfall 2023 revamped cars 1.0

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This mod modifies some cars of the @SkyFall 2023 V1.5 season mod to make them more similar to reality.
Modifications can range from minimal changes to radical changes in the liveries of the cars.

Red Bull RB19:
-Sergio Pérez livery added
-Red line of halo got removed
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_03_43 p. m..png

Mercedes W14:
-George Russell main color change from green to blue
-Added a line from respective driver color (yellow for Lewis, blue for George) in the halo on whe wing
-Modified rearwing
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_05_18 p. m..png

Ferrari SF-23:
-Carlos Sainz livery fixed
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_06_28 p. m..png

Aston Martin AMR23:
-Lance Stroll livery added
-Drivers font number modified to real life ones
-Added a black line on the sidepods
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_07_35 p. m..png

McLaren MCL60:
-Minor details on livery got fixed
-Sidepods got completely modified
-Halo got completely modified
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_11_18 p. m..png

Alpine A523:
-Added BWT rose sponsor on halo
-Drivers numbers change from black to rose
-Steering wheel changed to another most similar to real life
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_12_44 p. m..png

Haas VF-23
-The steering wheel position was corrected
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_14_04 p. m..png

Alpha Tauri AT04:
-Daniel Ricciardo livery added!
F1 2014 09_08_2023 11_17_54 p. m..png

Mandatory use in Skyfall 2023 v1.5 otherwise the game will not work properly.

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