SKYFALL F1 2023 Season MOD

SKYFALL F1 2023 Season MOD 1.5

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SKYFALL F1 2023 Season MOD for your F1-2014 Game.

Creative Concept/Art by SKYFALL

Team Artist/Modders:
@Smokey17 [HighLOD 3D Cars Models with HALO 2021 v1.5]
@canois [HighLOD 3D Car Models with HALO 2021 v2.0]
@colephelps1 {HighLOD 3D Car Models 2022 v1.0}
@Thang Nguyen {Overhauled CTF Car handling model upgraded from 2022}
@Febrian [Conceptual Liveries]
@Niko_1599 [Database and Power Unit Specs]
@Daniel Paez [High Resolution Tracks & Car Upgrades]
@IidaMods2K1 [Model Concepts / Helmets ]
@SkyFall [All 3D Models upgrades / Car Skins / Pit Crew / Race Crew / Garages]
NOTES: FERRARI F1-75 3D Model 100% Built on Blender v2.93.6

Guest Artist (Mostly Helmets): @Dimitar Vitanov / @Aitze / @Franske / @nikitao19 (2021)

Born. DEC-01-1996
Died. JUL-12-2017

For more information visit:


Please ALLWAYS back-up your original game files!!!
Please use a fresh install of F1-2014

METHOD 1: Using Drag and Drop
Adding files or folders to an existing folder from a 7-Zip file

Open the F1 2023 SKYFALL v1.5 RD VERSION.7z Zip file.
Navigate to and open the F1-2014 folder into which you wish to add the MOD.
Finally, drag the files or folders you wish to add into this open folder.
Select Overwrite Files

METHOD 2: Extracting folders from a 7-Zip file

Open the Zip file that contains F1 2023 SKYFALL v1.5 RD VERSION.7z , this is the folder you wish to extract.
Use Explorer to Navigate to the level in which you see the desired F1 2014 folder .
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<Your Name>\F1 2014\ <Your install may vary>
Drag and drop "each" folder to the desired location (such as a folder in My Computer or Windows Explorer, the Desktop, or My Documents).
Replace the included archives from the downloaded RD file in each F1-2014 folder.
Select Overwrite Files

NOTE: Do NOT delete ANY file in F1-2014 and DO NOT DELETE the ORIGINAL TRACKS.

Launch your F1 2014

For NEW users installing this MOD for the first time: You will need to create a NEW GAME file since now all teams and drivers have changed. Any previous saved game will be corrupt and will not work with this MOD.

Latest reviews

Can you correct the database for 2023, please?
Car models and liveries doesn't change in game. The rests works fine.

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