Slea Head

Slea Head Beta 1.0

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Beta 1.0 Release
Slea Head Drive Loop of 17.4 KM

Still need to be done:
Signs and other details= Added several details in the latest release
Collision Objects on Fences(Done)
AI (Done)
Track Cameras(Done)
Textures work for buildings is basic right now. Going to try to add some details like vines and such to the textures rather than modeling it.
Rainfx is very basic, only road has rain textures.
Several Buildings are stand ins for more detailed models that are still being worked on.

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Latest updates

  1. Beta Release 1.0

    I started work again after a long break to finish up things. Beta 1.0: Added AI 48 New...
  2. 0.3B Beta Candidate

    Fixed error in collision tagging. Thanks- BOOM POW TING
  3. 0.3A Beta Candidate

    Some major updates Collision Objects for walls at several locations. Improved Texture work and...

Latest reviews

Has become one of my favorite places to race and cruise around. The roads are fast and tricky and the locale is gorgeous. Fantastic work! Looking forward to your next release.
Very nice and well optimized, could use more pit-slots for online drives though
One of my most beloved tracks , thank you so much !
Amazing map! The scenery is beautiful and the road is very enjoyable! Thank you for sharing this and I look forward for the next update :)
Nice flow and scenery, good place to race with 30´s and early 50´s cars.

My only suggestion would be to the replace the white and red barriers with some hay barriers, to give more a improvised closed public roads aspect.
Je test est repasse.
Sinon merci d'avance si je repasse pas dans les hrs a venir
Amazing! Thanks for bringing a great bit of Eire to AC! The added AI has made even better, when the AI don't crash into that wall on one of barriered corners.
This track is really cool. Lots of blind corners thatll launch you way off the road, so it took me a while to get used to the layout. Cant wait to see more updates on this
Amazing experience! Getting better and better with the updates. Keep up!
Immersive and nicely done, I can get lost in this track for ages
Excellent long road track. Ideal for sport cars. I is smooth, no obvious mistake, nice environment. Great job. However, am I the only one, to who lap time does not work?
It now works with the new Beta. Thank you for the feedback
AI Line is essencial for this job...
AI has been added, Thank you for the feedback!
Very impressive, this feels much more advanced than a 0.3 version
Amazing for an alpha, the scale is up there with union island and pacific coast. Looks beautiful even in its current early stage. Someone make some nice cams please!
Hello I added Cameras and AI in the last update. Thank you for the feedback
hello ,great job thx for share
Great job ... This track reminds me of the roads of the cotentin in France. And it's just a 0.3 version... thanks
Excellent! Even with really just the one path around the map it is wonderful, really enjoying testing out mods here.
Stunning. Keep on the good work.
This looks really good so far. the level of detail is crazy, really looking forward to future updated on this. Good job!!.

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