SMYXMiat02's Mazda 787B Sound Mod (WIP)

SMYXMiat02's Mazda 787B Sound Mod (WIP) 0.5

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This sound mod is used for the Kuno's Mazda 787B

I came to the realization that the variety of sound mods for the 787B is extremely lacking or non-existent for the Kuno's 787B, so I have decided to make one.

I have been working on this over a few months and been finding myself struggling on parts of the exterior sounds. That has been holding me back but I have decided to release this as WIP with potential improvements and variations in the future.

The sound is not 100% accurate to the footage of the car that has great microphone quality (ex The Miyoshi Proving Ground video), but the sound is comparable to the one you have seen in Le Mans. It was also difficult to find good sources because every single video's audio is not consistent with another video's audio because of the hardware that they are using.

Issues You May Stumble Upon
The main unfinished part about the mod is the front and rear lower rpm exterior sounds mixing into the higher rpm sounds. Mainly the rear sounds is giving me trouble and I have considered probably redoing them or trying to work it out because I actually like how it sounds in the high rpm sections, its just that trying to mix audio from 2 different sources with different qualities is difficult.

In the interior, the only issue I personally have is the on throttle sound when you put your pedal on and off repeatedly at 6k-7.5k RPM. I found it helps sound better with when you are shifting but it results into that happening. Without the throttle condition I put in place, I think when shifting it lacks a bit of punch since it ignores a few tenths of milliseconds of the sound which I do not know how to solve. I can make a version without it if it bothers anyone.

I find the car a bit too loud when you are driving another car and your opponent is a 787B. I don't know if I should turn it down and sacrifice the loudness of the car or make a separate version that is quieter so that people can enjoy a loud version and a quieter version to be suitable for racing against the car.

What I am Satisfied With The Mod
I am quite satisfied on how it sound in the exterior in high rpm and when the car flys by the camera. In the interior I just like how it sound in general and I think its pretty much final. I do want to make another version of the interior sound so it sounds closer to the one in Le Mans.

This is my first sound mod for Assetto Corsa. I am currently looking for feedback about it.


Interior for Comparison:

Exterior For Comparison:

idk why i made a essay filled description but it aight

Latest reviews

Awesome but please keep working on it and it will be the best s mod for the 787B
It still needs to improve some details, but it's the best sound mod I've ever seen on the Mazda 787B.
It's a great sound mod, but i think it is in need of an update tbh, there are still a few bugs where it cuts out when in track cam, but besides this it's great.
Yeah I forgot to consider that part when I was recording that video but that should have been fixed by just extending the sample to the lower RPMs but I just wanted to get a base line out and not having to worry about the mod too much. Currently in school right now and lack some motivation to do things in FMOD right now but I'll get to it.
exterior sounds great overall, limiter sounds great as well but i think interior at high rpms after 8k kinda sounds bad also downshifts could get some work too other than that its decent
Can you pinpoint what about the sound at 8k sounds weird? I could possibly adjust it because that is a separate sample that I can switch out easily. I am comparing it to the onboard I provided and cannot seem to figure out what about it sounds weird, so what you hear could be more of an insight what I do not hear. I have a few ideas I can do with downshifts and for sure I want to do that part again.
Thank you very much, very good work, good continuation!
This is really good.
Gr C is my favorite cat in AC and I have always kept an eye skinned for a better 787 sound mod and bingo, here it is. Thanks to the others I have used until now as they are better than the stock, but dang, this is the cockpit sound I have been waiting for. Thank you for your work!!!
The car has needed this for many years. Thank you so much! This is easily the best sound mod for the 787b made so far!

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