Sodikart Sodi RT10

Sodikart Sodi RT10 0.8.0

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A new go-kart mod for the Sodikart Sodi RT10 rental go-kart model.


This mod is heavily based on GoKart by Cercata so huge kudos to the original author !
Most of the data is the same as GoKart0.5c with easier steering and braking and an adjusted power curve to match the behaviour of the real karts in my local tracks.

There are 2 cars included in the mod:
  • Sodi RT10 - GX270
  • Sodi RT10 - Indoor , a variation with lower power, designed for small tracks with sharp turns
The car features gas and brake pedals animations and support liveries.


Some improvements I plan to release in the future:
  • Remesh some parts to fix light passing through faces and reduce model size (there are way too many vertices in the model at the moment, the kn5 file is huge)
  • Replace Soundbank by a real recorded one (at the moment it uses the sound bank of the Shelby Cobra)
  • Add better LODs to reduce CPU/GPU usage
  • Improve Physics
  • Add diffuse lights for headlights/brake lights and support night racing



Latest reviews

the kart is great for messing around and it is also at my outdoor track
NOT BAD. the 6.5hp Sodi is at my local indoor track. i am not a modder or very experienced with karting. the kart drives like you would expect but is missing the steering jerk and tire grab. some more FFB detail would be cool. i dont know how this could be modeled, maybe in the tire deformation model to give the kart more bite and the feeling of frame flex and stuff like that.

oh and the gas and break pedals are too bright.

looking forward to new updates.
Brilliant, everything feels and looks good! Its just the sound, as a placeholder you should've used the lotus exos 125. Cant wait for the actual sound to come out!
That feels for sure like a sodi rental car!! such an enjoyable mod!! loving it, big W.

PS: for some reason I think it gives my friends an I problems while trying to use it on a private ac server (it shows the cheksum fail screen).
Finally, a SodiKart on AC! The physics feels amazing, the best Kart mod for AC at the moment, the only thing that I think its different from the real kart its the top speed, GX270 on all tracks goes up to 70km/h, and this mod can go up to 80km/h (Running like a GX390)
This actually feels like a kart. Extremely realistic feeling and true to life. (I have only driven one of these once but race competitively in karting)
As someone who has race on this karts (RT8 and RT10) for fun and competitively in championships i must say the feeling is really close!
And there's even more value on this mod since it's based on Cercata's kart! You did an amazing job making the mod since i finally use the brake as i do in real life!

I really hope you can improve the mod, the sound, the optimization you said and hopefully improve what i see as the best rental kart so far in simracing (and it works pretty well in GPK tracks).

And i'm also into Marechal17 comment saying i would love to see a version with 390cc for bigger and faster tracks!

Keep the good work! You're amazing!
This is really very good. It is the very first kart for Assetto Corsa we have tried which really drives like a kart instead of some small race car which has nothing in common with a real kart. And this AC Sodi kart drives like a real life Sodi rental kart. We know, because we have driven in it in real life for years. And it not only drives very good, it also looks very good. Only one small annoying detail, the arms look a bit weird on tripple screens. The sound is close to how it sounds when driving with a helmet on.
Hey ! Thanks a lot for your review. Could you share a picture of how the arms look with triple screens as I can't test this on my setup ? Is it something related to FOV or just the positioning that doesn't look natural ?
Really good, time are quite matching with reality (not perfect but really good). Hope to see GTX390 in future ^^
Fantastic !!!!

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